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(ノゾミ Nozomi)
Region: Sinnoh
Age: 11-12
Hometown: Snowpoint City
Family: Unnamed parents
Class: Coordinator
Friends: Dawn
Voice actor: Emily Williams
Debut: Mounting a Coordinator Assault

Zoey is a Pokémon Coordinator from Snowpoint City in Sinnoh. Eager to start out, she enjoys getting ready for the contests. Zoey is a very confident Pokémon Coordinator and is eager to help out other Coordinators if she feels that they need it. However, despite this, if necessary, she will trounce them in the Contests. She is Dawn's friend and rival. She is childhood friends with Candice. She also won the Sinnoh Grand Festival in the finals against Dawn. Her major rivals are Dawn and Nando.


On hand

Zoey Glameow.png
Glameow 15px
Glameow is Zoey's most used Pokémon. For some reason Glameow is the only Pokémon Zoey talks about and keeps all of her other Pokémon secret. It was used in the final of the Pokémon Grand Festival. Glameow's known moves are: Shadow Claw, Fury Swipes, Iron Tail, Secret Power, Shock Wave, Fake Out and ThunderBolt.
Misdreavus → Mismagius
Mismagius debuted as a Misdreavus in the Jubilife Contest where its ghost and electric attacks easily got Zoey through to the battle stage. It was revealed that it helped Zoey win her second contest ribbon with more beautiful attacks. It was seen also competing in the Wallace cup against a Bidoof and won. It has shown in the semi-final of the Grand Festival that it had evolved in Mismagius and it, alongside Zoey's new Leafeon, it fought an incredible battle against Nano's Lopunny and Kricketune. She chose Mismagius to battle Nando because its Lucky Chant could counter Nando's signature move: Sing. Mismagius's known moves are: Confuse Ray, Shock Wave (mistakenly called Thunder Wave in the Sinnoh Grand Festival,) Double Team, Lucky Chant and Psywave.
Zoey Gastrodon.png
Shellos → Gastrodon
Zoey's Gastrodon first appeared as a Shellos competing in the Hearthome Contest where it won the first stage but lost the battle round against Nando. It was later revealed that it won Zoey's third ribbon. It later appeared in the first round of the Grand Festival showing of its Water Pulse and also winning the first, second, third and forth round of battling. Gastrodon's moves are: Hidden Power, Mud Shot and Blizzard.
Zoey Lumineon.png
Finneon → Lumineon
Lumineon evolved from Finneon prior to the Grand Festival. It was used with Gastrodon during the appeal round where it used its Aqua Ring tornado to get past the first round. It was also used to win the first, second and third battle stages with grace and beauty. Lumineon's Known moves are: Safeguard, Aqua Ring, Waterfall and Silver Wind.
Zoey Gallade.png
Kirlia → Gallade 15px
Zoey had evolved her Kirlia into Gallade for the final battle of the Grand Festival. Using it against Dawn's Piplup and Togekiss, it used many attacks such as Psycho Cut and Magical Leaf to its advantage. It also teamed up with Glameow to make full use of its abilities to dazzle the judges by using attacks like Psybeam on Glameow which Glameow turned into a cyclone. It eventually beat Dawn's Pokémon.
Zoey Leafeon.png
Zoey first used her Leafeon during a double battle against Dawn's Mamoswine and Cyndaquil. Leafeon managed to hold its own in battle and defeated Dawn's Pokémon. It has a powerful Magical Leaf attack that helps it in battle.



  • Zoey seems to be a little bit of a tomboy, like Angie.
  • All of Zoey's Coordinator outfits seem to be based on suits rather than dresses.
  • Zoey is the first female rival to appear in the Anime.