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There are a total of 25 Pokémon in this egg group.

12 are purely in this egg group.
13 are partly in this egg group.


Most Pokémon in this egg group are water-types that are based on invertebrates or animals who live commonly in or near water.



# Pokémon Type
072 072.png Tentacool Water PokémonPoison Pokémon
073 073.png Tentacruel Water PokémonPoison Pokémon
090 090.png Shellder Water Pokémon
091 091.png Cloyster Water PokémonIce Pokémon
098 098.png Krabby Water Pokémon
099 099.png Kingler Water Pokémon
120 120.png Staryu Water Pokémon
121 121.png Starmie Water PokémonPsychic Pokémon
345 345.png Lileep Rock PokémonGrass Pokémon
346 346.png Cradily Rock PokémonGrass Pokémon
347 347.png Anorith Rock PokémonBug Pokémon
348 348.png Armaldo Rock PokémonBug Pokémon


# Pokémon Type Other Group
138 138.png Omastar Type Rock.gifType Water.gif Water 1
139 139.png Omanyte Type Rock.gifType Water.gif Water 1
140 140.png Kabuto Type Rock.gifType Water.gif Water 1
141 141.png Kabutops Type Rock.gifType Water.gif Water 1
222 222.png Corsola Type Water.gifType Rock.gif Water 1
341 341.png Corphish Type Water.gif Water 1
342 342.png Crawdaunt Type Water.gifType Dark.gif Water 1
451 451.png Skorupi Type Poison.gifType Bug.gif Bug
452 452.png Drapion Type Poison.gifType Dark.gif Bug
564 564.png Tirtouga Type Water.gifType Rock.gif Water 1
565 565.png Carracosta Type Water.gifType Rock.gif Water 1
566 566.png Archen Type Rock.gifType Flying.gif Flying
567 567.png Archeops Type Rock.gifType Flying.gif Flying


  • Despite Skorupi and Drapion not being Water-types or related to water in any way, they are still part of this egg group. It is possible the Skorupi and Drapion are based on ancient sea scorpions.