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There are a total of 87 Pokémon in this group.

14 Pokémon are purely in this group.
73 Pokémon are partly in this group.


This egg group consists mostly of Water-types. Most of these water-types are able to sustain life on land as well as in the water.



# Pokémon Type
060 060.png Poliwag Type Water.gif
061 061.png Poliwhirl Type Water.gif
062 062.png Poliwrath Type Water.gifType Fighting.gif
186 186.png Politoed Type Water.gif
226 226.png Mantine Type Water.gifType Flying.gif
366 366.png Clamperl Type Water.gif
367 367.png Huntail Type Water.gif
368 368.png Gorebyss Type Water.gif
535 535.png Tympole Type Water.gif
536 536.png Palpitoad Type Water.gifType Ground.gif
537 537.png Seismitoad Type Water.gifType Ground.gif
656 656.png Froakie Type Water.gif
657 657.png Frogadier Type Water.gif
658 658.png Greninja Type Water.gifType Dark.gif


# Pokémon Type Other Group
007 007.png Squirtle Type Water.gif Monster
008 008.png Wartortle Type Water.gif Monster
009 009.png Blastoise Type Water.gif Monster
054 054.png Psyduck Type Water.gif Field
055 055.png Golduck Type Water.gif Field
079 079.png Slowpoke Type Water.gifType Psychic.gif Monster
080 080.png Slowbro Type Water.gifType Psychic.gif Monster
086 086.png Seel Type Water.gif Field
087 087.png Dewgong Type Water.gifType Ice.gif Field
116 116.png Horsea Type Water.gif Dragon
117 117.png Seadra Type Water.gif Dragon
131 131.png Lapras Type Water.gifType Ice.gif Monster
138 138.png Omastar Type Rock.gifType Water.gif Water 3
139 139.png Omanyte Type Rock.gifType Water.gif Water 3
140 140.png Kabuto Type Rock.gifType Water.gif Water 3
141 141.png Kabutops Type Rock.gifType Water.gif Water 3
147 147.png Dratini Type Dragon.gif Dragon
148 148.png Dragonair Type Dragon.gif Dragon
149 149.png Dragonite Type Dragon.gifType Flying.gif Dragon
158 158.png Totodile Type Water.gif Monster
159 159.png Croconaw Type Water.gif Monster
160 160.png Feraligatr Type Water.gif Monster
183 183.png Marill Type Water.gifType Fairy.gif Fairy
184 184.png Azumarill Type Water.gifType Fairy.gif Fairy
194 194.png Wooper Type Water.gifType Ground.gif Field
195 195.png Quagsire Type Water.gifType Ground.gif Field
199 199.png Slowking Type Water.gifType Psychic.gif Monster
222 222.png Corsola Type Water.gifType Rock.gif Water 3
223 223.png Remoraid Type Water.gif Water 2
224 224.png Octillery Type Water.gif Water 2
225 225.png Delibird Type Ice.gifType Flying.gif Field
230 230.png Kingdra Type Water.gifType Dragon.gif Dragon
258 258.png Mudkip Type Water.gif Monster
259 259.png Marshtomp Type Water.gifType Ground.gif Monster
260 260.png Swampert Type Water.gifType Ground.gif Monster
270 270.png Lotad Type Water.gifType Grass.gif Grass
271 271.png Lombre Type Water.gifType Grass.gif Grass
272 272.png Ludicolo Type Water.gifType Grass.gif Grass
278 278.png Wingull Type Water.gifType Flying.gif Flying
279 279.png Pelipper Type Water.gifType Flying.gif Flying
283 283.png Surskit Type Water.gifType Bug.gif Bug
284 284.png Masquerain Type Bug.gifType Flying.gif Bug
341 341.png Corphish Type Water.gif Water 3
342 342.png Crawdaunt Type Water.gifType Dark.gif Water 3
349 349.png Feebas Type Water.gif Dragon
350 350.png Milotic Type Water.gif Dragon
363 363.png Spheal Type Ice.gifType Water.gif Field
364 364.png Sealeo Type Ice.gifType Water.gif Field
365 365.png Walrein Type Ice.gifType Water.gif Field
369 369.png Relicanth Type Water.gifType Rock.gif Water 2
393 393.png Piplup Type Water.gif Field
394 394.png Prinplup Type Water.gifType Steel.gif Field
395 395.png Empoleon Type Water.gifType Steel.gif Field
399 399.png Bidoof Type Normal.gif Field
400 400.png Bibarel Type Normal.gifType Water.gif Field
418 418.png Buizel Type Water.gif Field
419 419.png Floatzel Type Water.gif Field
422 422A.png Shellos
West Sea
Type Water.gif Amorphous
422 422B.png Shellos
East Sea
Type Water.gif Amorphous
423 423A.png Gastrodon
West Sea
Type Water.gifType Ground.gif Amorphous
423 423B.png Gastrodon
East Sea
Type Water.gifType Ground.gif Amorphous
489 489.png Phione Type Water.gif Fairy
490 490.png Manaphy Type Water.gif Fairy
564 564.png Tirtouga Type Water.gifType Rock.gif Water 3
565 565.png Carracosta Type Water.gifType Rock.gif Water 3
580 580.png Ducklett Type Water.gifType Flying.gif Flying
581 581.png Swanna Type Water.gifType Flying.gif Flying
594 594.png Alomomola Type Water.gif Water 2
618 618.png Stunfisk Type Ground.gifType Electric.gif Water 2
686 686.png Inkay Type Dark.gifType Psychic.gif Amorphous
687 687.png Malamar Type Dark.gifType Psychic.gif Water 2
690 690.png Skrelp Type Poison.gifType Water.gif Dragon
691 691.png Dragalge Type Poison.gifType Dragon.gif Dragon
692 692.png Clauncher Type Water.gif Water 3
693 693.png Clawitzer Type Water.gif Water 3