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Vermilion City
クチバシティ Kuchiba City
Map of Vermilion City
The Port of Exquisite Sunsets
Location info
Region: Kanto
Connecting routes: ↑North - Route 6
→East - Route 11
Location of Vermilion City in Kanto.
Gym info
Name: Vermilion Gym
Leader: Lt. Surge
Types: Type Electric.gif
Badge: Thunder Badge Thunderbadge.png
Pokémon Gyms

Vermilion City is a city in the south east of Kanto. It is the fifth major city in Kanto. It is also the location of the third Gym, whose leader is Lt. Surge. Situated near a sea inlet to the south, it has a Pokemon Center, and a Poke Mart. It is also a major port where ships like the SS Anne dock. Vermillion harbor is a homeport for many ships. The SS Anne sails the world and returns to Vermilion City once a year. The SS Aqua sails to Olivine City in Johto to Vermillioon Harbor. The ten Seagallop Ferries sail regularly to all Sevii Islands. Aside from the harbor, the other exits include Route 11 and Digletts cave to the east. North of the city is Route 6.

Vermilion Docks

You can board the S.S. Anne and S.S. Aqua via the dock and later on in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen you can also access the Sevii Islands.

Vermilion Gym

The Vermilion Gym is located in the south west of the city. The leader is Lt. Surge and he uses Electric-type Pokémon. A tree blocks the entrance to the Gym, but it can be cut using HM01 (Cut).


Old Rod R/B/Y/FR/LG

Bike Voucher R/B/Y/FR/LG

TM24 Thunderbolt R/B/Y

Rare Candy G/S/C

Lost Item G/S/C/HG/SS


Stick FR/LG

Vs. Seeker FR/LG

Lava Cookie FR/LG (Hidden)

TM34 Shock Wave FR/LG


In Pokémon LeafGreen and FireRed, it appears as a small port town. The entrance to the gym is blocked off with a cuttable tree, that can be cut down after obtaining Cut from the S.S. Anne captain. Near the north path, there is a man with a Machop. If you speak to the man, he will say he is getting the Machop to flatten the ground so that he can build a building on the foundation. In the events of Gold and Silver (including the Gen. IV remakes), it is revealed that the foundation is firm but the old man does not have any money to start the project. In HeartGold and SoulSilver, the area is surrounded with a fence, but still has an opening.


  • Infamously, a small pickup truck can be found (by the use of cheats/glitches) inside Vermillion docks. In Generation I, this triggered much Mew-related speculation; however, it has no use whatever and is simply a part of the scenery.

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