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The Undiscovered group consists of 67 Pokémon, most being Legendary Pokémon or Baby Pokémon.


The Pokémon in this egg group are almost all Legendary Pokémon and Baby Pokémon, with few exceptions.



# Pokémon Type
030 030.png Nidorina Type Poison.gif
031 031.png Nidoqueen Type Poison.gifType Ground.gif
145 145.png Articuno Type Ice.gifType Flying.gif
146 146.png Zapdos Type Electric.gifType Flying.gif
147 147.png Moltres Type Fire.gifType Flying.gif
150 150.png Mewtwo Type Psychic.gif
151 151.png Mew Type Psychic.gif
172 172.png Pichu Type Electric.gif
173 173.png Cleffa Type Normal.gif
174 174.png Igglybuff Type Normal.gif
175 175.png Togepi Type Normal.gif
201 201.png Unown Type Psychic.gif
236 236.png Tyrogue Type Fighting.gif
238 238.png Smoochum Type Ice.gifType Psychic.gif
239 239.png Elekid Type Electric.gif
240 240.png Magby Type Fire.gif
243 243.png Raikou Type Electric.gif
244 244.png Entei Type Fire.gif
245 245.png Suicune Type Water.gif
249 249.png Lugia Type Psychic.gifType Flying.gif
250 250.png Ho-Oh Type Fire.gifType Flying.gif
251 251.png Celebi Type Psychic.gifType Grass.gif
298 298.png Azurill Type Normal.gif
360 360.png Wynaut Type Psychic.gif
377 377.png Regirock Type Rock.gif
378 378.png Regice Type Ice.gif
379 379.png Registeel Type Steel.gif
380 380.png Latias Type Dragon.gifType Psychic.gif
381 381.png Latios Type Dragon.gifType Psychic.gif
382 382.png Kyogre Type Water.gif
383 383.png Groudon Type Ground.gif
384 384.png Rayquaza Type Dragon.gifType Flying.gif
385 385.png Jirachi Type Steel.gifType Psychic.gif
386 386.png Deoxys Type Psychic.gif
406 406.png Budew Type Grass.gifType Poison.gif
433 433.png Chingling Type Psychic.gif
438 438.png Bonsly Type Rock.gif
439 439.png Mime Jr. Type Psychic.gif
440 440.png Happiny Type Normal.gif
446 446.png Munchlax Type Normal.gif
447 447.png Riolu Type Fighting.gif
458 458.png Mantyke Type Water.gifType Flying.gif
480 480.png Uxie Type Psychic.gif
481 481.png Mesprit Type Psychic.gif
482 482.png Azelf Type Psychic.gif
483 483.png Dialga Type Steel.gifType Dragon.gif
484 484.png Palkia Type Water.gifType Dragon.gif
485 485.png Heatran Type Fire.gifType Steel.gif
486 486.png Regigigas Type Normal.gif
487 487.png Giratina Type Ghost.gifType Dragon.gif
488 488.png Cresselia Type Psychic.gif
491 491.png Darkrai Type Dark.gif
492 492.png Shaymin Type Grass.gif*
493 493.png Arceus Type Normal.gif
494 494.png Victini Type Psychic.gifType Fire.gif
638 638.png Cobalion Type Steel.gifType Fighting.gif
639 639.png Terrakion Type Rock.gifType Fighting.gif
640 640.png Virizion Type Grass.gifType Fighting.gif
641 641.png Tornadus Type Flying.gif
642 642.png Thundurus Type Electric.gifType Flying.gif
643 643.png Reshiram Type Dragon.gifType Fire.gif
644 644.png Zekrom Type Dragon.gifType Electric.gif
645 645.png Landorus Type Ground.gifType Flying.gif
646 646.png Kyurem Type Dragon.gifType Ice.gif
647 647.png Keldeo Type Water.gifType Fighting.gif
648 648.png Meloetta Type Normal.gifType Psychic.gif*
649 649.png Genesect Type Bug.gifType Steel.gif


  • This group is probably there to stop the cloning of legendary Pokémon, which might give players an unfair advantage.