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The under
アンダー Under
Map of The under
Location info
Region: Orre
Connecting routes: None

The Under is a mining town in Orre, located directly beneath Pyrite Town. The Under appeared in Pokémon Colosseum.

The Under acts mainly as a base for Cipher, and the town is controlled by one of Cipher's admins, Venus. She is involved in influencing The Under's residents. Beneath The Under is a subway tunnel that leads to the Shadow Pokémon Lab. Kid's Grid also operates here, run by Megg, Bitt, and Nett.

In Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, The Under has been buried and destroyed so that Cipher would not be able to access it again. One old man in Pyrite Town speaks of The Under.


  • Hunter Zada: Skitty LV 35, Jigglypuff LV 35, Shuppet LV 35, Oddish LV 34
  • Chaser Gurks: Feebas LV 38, Magikarp LV 38, Wailord LV 40
  • Cipher Peon Kloak: Volbeat LV 38, Spinarak LV 39, Ledian(shadow) LV 40
  • Cipher Peon Dagur: Ariados LV 38, Gloom LV 39, illumise LV 40
  • Cipher Admin Venus: Vileplume LV44, Delcatty LV45, Banette LV45, Steelix LV45, Suicune(shadow)LV40
  • Hunter Freena: Shroomish LV 35, Teddiursa LV 37, Jigglypuff LV 38, Gligar(shadow) LV 43
  • Chaser Liaks: Kirlia LV 37, Gloom LV 38, Roselia LV 38, Stantler(shadow) LV 43
  • Bodybuilder Lonia: Dunsparce LV 39, Masquerain LV 39, Octillery LV 38, Piloswine(shadow) LV 43
  • Rider Nelis: Seviper LV 40, Corsola LV 41, Loudred LV 41, Sneasel(shadow) LV 43

Shadow Pokémon (Colosseum):

Under Colosseum

  • Hunter Korm: Clamperl LV 55, Qwilfish LV 55, Lombre LV 58
  • Rider Hesle: Vigoroth LV 58, Seadra LV 58, Sealeo LV 55
  • Bodybuilder Taman: Kirlia LV 57, Azumarill LV 58, Noctowl LV 58, Pelipper LV 58
  • St Performer Kreble: Gorebyss LV 57, Keckleon LV 58, Vileplume LV 58, Sharpedo LV 57