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An ability that will increase the power of any of the user's moves by 1.5 if their power stat is less than 60.


Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Type Obtained
#052 Meowth 052.png Type Normal.gif Natural
#053 Persian 053.png Type Normal.gif Natural
#122 Mr. Mime 122.png Type Psychic.gif Dream World
#123 Scyther 123.png Type Bug.gifType Flying.gif Natural
#212 Scizor 212.png Type Bug.gifType Steel.gif Natural
#235 Smeargle 235.png Type Normal.gif Natural
#237 Hitmontop 237.png Type Fighting.gif Natural
#286 Breloom 286.png Type Grass.gifType Fighting.gif Dream World
#402 Kricketune 402.png Type Bug.gif Dream World
#407 Roserade 407.png Type Grass.gifType Poison.gif Dream World
#424 Ambipom 424.png Type Normal.gif Natural
#439 Mime Jr. 439.png Type Psychic.gif Dream World
#572 Minccino 572.png Type Normal.gif Natural
#573 Cinccino 573.png Type Normal.gif Natural