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Struggle Bug
むしのていこう Insect Opposition
Struggle Bug Move Game.png
General Information
Type: Type Bug.gif
Generation: V
Battle Data
Category Special
Power: 60
Accuracy: 100%
PP: 20*
Effects: Selected target
Secondary Effect: Lowers target's Sp.Atk. stat
Priority: 0
Contact: Yes
Affected by
Magic Coat: No
Bright Powder: Yes
Protect/Detect: Yes
Snatch: No
King's Rock: No

Struggle Bug (Japanese:むしのていこう Insect Opposition) is Bug-type move introduced in Generation V. The user resists and attacks the opponent, inflicting damage and lowering its Special Attack by one stage.


Generation V

By Leveling Up

By Leveling Up
Pokémon Type Level
Shuckle Bug/Rock 1
Kricketot Bug 6
Sewaddle Bug/Grass 22
Leavanny Bug/Grass 22
Shelmet Bug 16
Accelgor Bug 16
* Bold indicates a Pokémon which receives STAB from this move

By TM76

By TM08
Pokémon Type
Butterfree Bug/Flying
Beedrill Bug/Poison
Paras Bug/Grass
Parasect Bug/Grass
Venonat Bug/Poison
Venomoth Bug/Poison
Scyther Bug/Flying
Pinsir Bug
Mew Psychic
Ledyba Bug/Flying
Ledian Bug/Flying
Spinarak Bug/Poison
Ariados Bug/Poison
Pineco Bug
Forretress Bug/Steel
Gligar Ground/Flying
Scizor Bug/Steel
Shuckle Bug/Rock
Heracross Bug/Fighting
Beautifly Bug/Flying
Dustox Bug/Poison
Surskit Bug/Water
Masquerain Bug/Flying
Nincada Bug/Ground
Ninjask Bug/Flying
Shedinja Bug/Ghost
Volbeat Bug
Illumise Bug
Trapinch Ground
Vibrava Ground/Dragon
Flygon Ground/Dragon
Anorith Rock/Bug
Armaldo Rock/Bug
Kricketune Bug
Wormadam (Plant Cloak) Bug/Grass
Wormadam (Sandy Cloak) Bug/Ground
Wormadam (Trash Cloak) Bug/Steel
Mothim Bug/Flying
Vespiquen Bug/Flying
Skorupi Poison/Bug
Drapion Poison/Dark
Yanmega Bug/Flying
Gliscor Ground/Flying
Sewaddle Bug/Grass
Swadloon Bug/Grass
Leavanny Bug/Grass
Venipede Bug/Poison
Whirlipede Bug/Poison
Scolipede Bug/Poison
Dwebble Bug/Rock
Crustle Bug/Rock
Karrablast Bug
Escavalier Bug/Steel
Joltik Bug/Electric
Galvantula Bug/Electric
Shelmet Bug
Accelgor Bug
Durant Bug/Steel
Larvesta Bug/Fire
Volcarona Bug/Fire
Genesect Bug/Steel
* Bold indicates a Pokémon which receives STAB from this move