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Status Effects are ailments that Pokémon can receive during battle. These status conditions are paralysis, poison, sleep, frozen, and burn. All these effects can be cured with a Lum Berry, a Full Heal, a Full Restore, a Lava Cookie, an Old Gateau, Heal Powder, a Miracle Berry, a Casteliacone or Sacred Ash. Pokémon with the Synchronize abillity can pass any status effect, apart from the sleep and frozen conditions, inflicted on them back to the Pokémon that inflicted the status effect.


A poisoned Pokémon loses a set amount of HP every turn. If the effect remains after the battle, the Pokémon will lose HP as the Trainer walks (1 HP of damage for each 4 steps). It can be cured with an Antidote, a PSNCureBerry or a Pecha Berry. Poison and Steel type Pokémon cannot be poisoned, however. Pokémon with the ability Immunity cannot be poisoned either.

Badly Poisoned

A badly poisoned Pokémon is damaged every turn, but this damage increases over time. The first turn, the poisoned Pokémon takes 1/12 of the maximum HP in damage. That damage increases by an additional 1/12 of the max HP each turn. After a battle is over, the poisoned Pokémon will take damage (just like regular Poisoning). It can be cured with an Antidote, a PSNCureBerry or a Pecha Berry. Poison and Steel type Pokémon cannot be badly poisoned, however. Pokémon with the ability Immunity cannot be badly poisoned either.

Like regular poisoning, Pokémon with the ability Poison Heal, like Gliscor & Breloom, will not be healed but the poison counter will increase.


Burned Pokémon are dealt damage each turn, in addition to taking an Attack penalty. Fire type Pokémon cannot get burned, however. Pokémon with the ability Water Veil cannot be burned either. Burned Pokémon can be healed with Burn Heal, an Ice Berry, a Kuo Berry or a Rawst Berry.


A frozen Pokémon cannot attack, but it can thaw out in a few turns, Fire type attacks can thaw out a Pokémon frozen more easily. Moves such as Flame Wheel, Flare Blitz and Sacred Fire can be used even if the user is frozen, and they thaw out. Ice type Pokémon cannot be frozen, however, and neither can Pokémon with the ability Magma Armor. A frozen Pokémon can be healed with Ice Heal, a Burnt Berry or an Aspear Berry.


A condition where the affected Pokémon is unable to use moves or attack during the turn it is in affected. Usually accurs as a possible secondary effect (for moves like Bite). There is no cure other than waiting for the next turn. It will not affect a Pokémon with the ability Inner Focus. The item King's Rock occasionally causes an opponent to flinch when the Pokémon holding it uses an attack move.


Once confused, a Pokémon will remain so for 1 to 4 turns, and during those turns have a 50% change of damaging themselves and being unable to perform any other action for that turn. This status effect can be used even if a Pokémon has another, like Paralysis, or Burn, but can be healed by switching out the confused Pokémon. It can be cured by using a Persim Berry, a Bitter Berry or the Yellow Flute. Pokémon with the ability Own Tempo cannot be confused.


The Pokémon becomes infatuated with the opponent (who must be of an opposing gender), and is under a condition similar to confusion. It can be cured with a Mental Herb or a Red Flute. Pokémon with the ability Oblivious cannot become infatuated.

Leech Seed

The Pokémon loses 1/16th of his/her HP each turn, and the opponent gains some, essentially having the same affect as a weaker, but continuous, Absorb. Grass type Pokémon cannot be seeded.