Slateport City

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Slateport City
カイナシティ Kaina City
Map of Slateport City
The port where people and POKéMON cross paths.
Location info
Region: Hoenn
Connecting routes: ↑ North - Route 110
↓ South - Route 134
→East - Route 109
Slateport City Map.png
Location of Slateport City in Hoenn.

Slateport City is a city on the southern coast of Hoenn. A market formed because of the abundance of food and clean water in the area. It soon blossomed into a harbor with a lighthouse in the south that lights the way for ships passing and coming into the harbor.

There are three entrances to Slateport City, the northern entrance being Route 110. The southern entrance being Route 134, and to the east is Route 109.