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Sheer Force is a special ability. This ability boosts the power of attacks used by the Pokémon by 33% but disables any secondary effect that they have.


Name Type
Acid Type Poison.gif
Air Slash Type Flying.gif
AncientPower Type Rock.gif
Astonish Type Ghost.gif
Aurora Beam Type Ice.gif
Bite Type Dark.gif
Blaze Kick Type Fire.gif
Blizzard Type Ice.gif
Blue Flare Type Fire.gif
Body Slam Type Normal.gif
Bolt Strike Type Electric.gif
Bone Club Type Ground.gif
Bounce Type Flying.gif
Bubble Type Water.gif
BubbleBeam Type Water.gif
Bug Buzz Type Bug.gif
Confusion Type Psychic.gif
Constrict Type Normal.gif
Cross Poison Type Poison.gif
Crunch Type Dark.gif
Crush Claw Type Normal.gif
Dark Pulse Type Dark.gif
Discharge Type Electric.gif
Dizzy Punch Type Normal.gif
Dragon Rush Type Dragon.gif
DragonBreath Type Dragon.gif
Earth Power Type Ground.gif
Ember Type Fire.gif
Energy Ball Type Grass.gif
Extrasensory Type Psychic.gif
Fiery Dance Type Fire.gif
Fire Blast Type Fire.gif
Fire Fang Type Fire.gif
Fire Punch Type Fire.gif
Flame Wheel Type Fire.gif
Flamethrower Type Fire.gif
Flare Blitz Type Fire.gif
Flash Cannon Type Steel.gif
Focus Blast Type Fighting.gif
Force Palm Type Fighting.gif
Freeze Shock Type Ice.gif
Gunk Shot Type Poison.gif
Headbutt Type Normal.gif
Heart Stamp Type Psychic.gif
Heat Wave Type Fire.gif
Hurricane Type Flying.gif
Ice Beam Type Ice.gif
Ice Burn Type Ice.gif
Ice Fang Type Ice.gif
Ice Punch Type Ice.gif
Icy Wind Type Ice.gif
Iron Head Type Steel.gif
Iron Tail Type Steel.gif
Lava Plume Type Fire.gif
Leaf Tornado Type Grass.gif
Lick Type Ghost.gif
Luster Purge Type Psychic.gif
Metal Claw Type Steel.gif
Meteor Mash Type Steel.gif
Mirror Shot Type Steel.gif
Mist Ball Type Psychic.gif
Mud Bomb Type Ground.gif
Mud Shot Type Ground.gif
Muddy Water Type Water.gif
Nature Power Type Normal.gif
Needle Arm Type Grass.gif
Night Daze Type Dark.gif
Octazooka Type Water.gif
Ominous Wind Type Ghost.gif
Poison Fang Type Poison.gif
Poison Gas Type Poison.gif
Poison Jab Type Poison.gif
Poison Sting Type Poison.gif
Poison Tail Type Poison.gif
Powder Snow Type Ice.gif
Psybeam Type Psychic.gif
Psychic Type Psychic.gif
Razor Shell Type Water.gif
Relic Song Type Normal.gif
Rock Climb Type Normal.gif
Rock Slide Type Rock.gif
Rock Smash Type Fighting.gif
Rolling Kick Type Fighting.gif
Sacred Fire Type Fire.gif
Scald Type Water.gif
Searing Shot Type Fire.gif
Secret Power Type Normal.gif
Seed Flare Type Grass.gif
Shadow Ball Type Ghost.gif
Shock Wave Type Electric.gif
Signal Beam Type Bug.gif
Silver Wind Type Bug.gif
Sludge Type Poison.gif
Sludge Bomb Type Poison.gif
Sludge Wave Type Poison.gif
Smog Type Poison.gif
Snore Type Normal.gif
Spark Type Electric.gif
Steamroller Type Bug.gif
Stomp Type Normal.gif
Thunder Type Electric.gif
Thunder Fang Type Electric.gif
Thunderbolt Type Electric.gif
ThunderPunch Type Electric.gif
ThunderShock Type Electric.gif
Tri Attack Type Normal.gif
Twineedle Type Bug.gif
Twister Type Dragon.gif
Volt Tackle Type Electric.gif
Water Pulse Type Water.gif
Waterfall Type Water.gif
Zen Headbutt Type Psychic.gif


Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Type Obtained
#031 Nidoqueen 031.png Type Poison.gifType Ground.gif Dream World
#034 Nidoking 034.png Type Poison.gifType Ground.gif Dream World
#098 Krabby 098.png Type Water.gif Dream World
#099 Kingler 099.png Type Water.gif Dream World
#128 Tauros 128.png Type Normal.gif Dream World
#158 Totodile 158.png Type Water.gif Dream World
#159 Croconaw 159.png Type Water.gif Dream World
#160 Feraligatr 160.png Type Water.gif Dream World
#208 Steelix 208.png Type Steel.gifType Ground.gif Dream World
#296 Makuhita 296.png Type Fighting.gif Dream World
#297 Hariyama 297.png Type Fighting.gif Dream World
#303 Mawile 303.png Type Steel.gif Dream World
#328 Trapinch 328.png Type Ground.gif Dream World
#371 Bagon 371.png Type Dragon.gif Dream World
#408 Cranidos 408.png Type Rock.gif Dream World
#409 Rampardos 409.png Type Rock.gif Dream World
#532 Timburr 532.png Type Fighting.gif Natural
#533 Gurdurr 533.png Type Fighting.gif Natural
#534 Conkeldurr 534.png Type Fighting.gif Natural
#555 Darmanitan 555.png Type Fire.gif Natural
#621 Druddigon 621.png Type Dragon.gif Natural
#627 Rufflet 627.png Type Normal.gifType Flying.gif Natural
#628 Braviary 628.png Type Normal.gifType Flying.gif Natural
#645 Landorus 645.png Type Ground.gifType Flying.gif Dream World


  • It is the first ability to hinder the secondary effects of attacks.

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