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A Pokémon ability that was first seen in the third generation of Pokémon.

While the ability has no effect outside of battle, in battle, there is a 30% chance that the Pokémon will heal its own status problem, like burn, sleep, or paralysis.


Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Type Obtained
#011 Metapod 011.png Type Bug.gif Natural
#014 Kakuna 014.png Type Bug.gifType Poison.gif Natural
#023 Ekans 023.png Type Poison.gif Natural
#024 Arbok 024.png Type Poison.gif Natural
#147 Dratini 147.png Type Dragon.gif Natural
#148 Dragonair 148.png Type Dragon.gif Natural
#247 Pupitar 247.png Type Rock.gifType Ground.gif Natural
#266 Silcoon 266.png Type Bug.gif Natural
#268 Cascoon 268.png Type Bug.gif Natural
#336 Seviper 336.png Type Poison.gif Natural
#401 Kricketot 401.png Type Bug.gif Natural
#412 Burmy 412.png412B.png412C.png Type Bug.gif Natural
#559 Scraggy 559.png Type Dark.gifType Fighting.gif Natural
#560 Scrafty 560.png Type Dark.gifType Fighting.gif Natural
#588 Karrablast 588.png Type Bug.gif Natural