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Seaside Cave
海辺の洞穴 Umibe no Douketsu
Map of seaside Cave
Information about Seaside Cave
Region: Unova
Connecting locations: ↑ North - Route 21
→ East - Plasma Frigate
↓ South - Undella Bay
Weather: Normal
Kind: Cave
Needed HM: Surf
Location of seaside Cave in Unova
Location of Seaside Cave in Unova.

The Seaside Cave (Japanese: 海辺の洞穴 Seaside Cave) is a cavern to the north of Undella Bay that connects to Route 21. It is a fairly straightforward cave, though the side exit to the Plasma Frigate is blocked by a Crustle until the player receives the Colress Machine on Route 22. Once the player has that, the Crustle may be woken and fought, clearing way to the docked ship.

There is also a basement in the Seaside Cave which requires Surf in order to reach, and then involves moving several boulders around with Strength.


Pokémon Level Rate How
Woobat 527.png 34-36 35% Cave
Golduck 055.png 34-36 35% Cave
Seel 086.png 35 10% Cave
Boldore 525.png 35, 37 15% Cave
Tynamo 602.png 37 5% Cave
Excadrill 530.png 34-37 40% Dust Cloud
Frillish 592.png592A.png 25-40 70% Surfing
Seel 086.png 25-40 30% Surfing
Seel 086.png 25-40 60% Surfing Spot
Frillish 592.png592A.png 25-40 30% Surfing Spot
Dewgong 087.png 30-40 10% Surfing Spot
Luvdisc 370.png 40-70 70% Fishing
Shellder 090.png 40-60 30% Fishing
Shellder 090.png 40-70 65% Fishing Spot
Luvdisc 370.png 40-60 30% Fishing Spot
Cloyster 091.png 50-70 5% Fishing Spot


Seaside Cave 1F
Seaside Cave B1F


Seaside Cave 1F
Seaside Cave B1F

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