Seabreak Path

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Seabreak Path
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Map of seabreak Path
Information about Seabreak Path
Region: Sinnoh
Connecting locations: Route 224
Weather: Normal
Kind: Normal
Needed HM: None
Location of seabreak Path in Sinnoh
Location of Seabreak Path in Sinnoh.

Seabreak Path (うみわれのみち Seabreak Path) is an event-exclusive location in Generation IV, which allows for the capture of the Legendary Pokémon Shaymin. Seabreak Path is only accessible if the event item Oak's Letter is in the player's bag. It comprises a long path in the Sinnoh region that leads to Flower Paradise.

If the player has Oak's Letter, they can meet Professor Oak at the white rock on Route 224. After the player inscribes their wish on the white rock, the land will burst into flowers as Shaymin and the Seabreak Path appear; Shaymin will then run down the path to the Flower Paradise, where the trainer can go to capture it.


Seabreak Path comprises a long stretch of land, leading up to Flower Paradise, and is filled with a multitude of flowers in various colours. During the Shaymin Event, Professor Oak approaches the Trainer, and notifies him/her of the significance of the white rock at the apex of Route 224. Upon seeing this, the player inputs a name onto the rock to show their gratitude towards whatever they are most grateful for. After this, Seabreak Path opens up to the Trainer, whereupon he/she can traverse the long distance and have a chance of battling and capturing Shaymin.


  • Due to Seabreak Path's long nature, it is favourable amongst Trainers for its usefulness in hatching Pokémon eggs.