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(ナツメ Natsume)
File:Sabrina Profile Pic.jpg
Name: Sabrina
Japanese Name: ナツメ Natsume
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Hometown: Saffron City
  • Unknown father
Class: Gym Leader
First Appearance:
  • Pokémon Adventures

Sabrina was a Team Rocket Executive working under Giovanni in Pokémon Adventures alongside Koga and Lt. Surge. She is also the gym leader of Saffron City.


Sabrina is Gym Leader of Saffron City, and she specialises in Psychic-type Pokémon.


Sabrina's personality, alongside the other Rocket executives, is shown to be cruel and heartless, torturing an Eevee to advance Team Rocket's goals. She is also very calculative, as shown when she used her Mr. Mime's ability Light Screen to enclose Saffron City from outsiders.


File:Sabrina summons the birds.png

Sabrina exercises her control over the three legendary birds.

Sabrina is an exceptional Pokémon trainer, as shown through her prowess in controlling the fused entity of Zapdos, Moltres and Articuno. Sabrina is also an adept strategist, formulating an effective strategy to cordon off Saffron City and thus prevent any outsiders from intervening in Team Rocket's plan to fuse the three Legendary birds together.


Sabrina's physical appearance is identical to her game counterpart's. However, she wears a standard Team Rocket uniform during most of her appearances during the RGB chapter.


Red, Blue and Green Chapter

File:Sabrina and Green fight.png

Sabrina and Green fight at Silph Co.

Sabrina makes her first appearance at Celadon City, before Red makes off with the test subject Eevee. Later, Sabrina captures the legendary Moltres under Giovanni's orders, bringing it to Saffron City. In order to prevent the Pokédex Holders from interfering with their plans, Sabrina seals off Saffron City through the use of Mr. Mime's Barrier move. However, Mr. Mime is defeated by Red's Pikachu, thus negating the barrier around the city. The three Pokémon Holders proceeded to enter the Silph Co. building, whereupon Green faced off against Sabrina. After a long battle, Green manages to defeat the Rocket Executive through the use of her Jigglypuff's Sing, but this does not hold off Sabrina for long. She soon breaks out from its spell, proceeding to enter the room storing the Badge Energy Amplification device. Whilst there, Sabrina encounters both Red and Green, who explains that the badges she gave Red were fakes. She then flees from the scene, appearing later with the fused amalgamation of Zapdos, Articuno and Moltres. Although making heavy resistance to the Pokédex Holders, Sabrina and the birds are defeated once Red's Saur evolves. After that, the Silph Co. building was destroyed, as Sabrina and the birds escaped.

Yellow Chapter

File:Sabrina and Green bound by Lorelei.png

Sabrina bound to Green with Lorelei's Ice Doll ability.

Sabrina and the other Team Rocket executives team up with the Pokédex Holders, in order to prevent the Elite Four's plans from culminating on Cerise Island. Sabrina joins forces with Green, as per her Alakazam's Spoons of Destiny. Sabrina and Green prepare to face off against Elite Four Lorelei, who proves to be a perfect match for both opponents. However, they find themselves hopelessly outmatched at Lorelei's ice doll ability, which binds the two together. This causes the two to become greatly disadvantaged, due to their constant bickering. As a result of their uncooperative attitude, Green is knocked out by Lorelei's Jynx, leaving Sabrina to face against the Elite Four alone. Later, Sabrina realises the ploy that Green used, and the two are successful in defeating the Elite Four, freeing them from the ice doll ability.

Gold, Silver and Crystal Chapter

File:Red and Sabrina at Mt. Silver.png

Sabrina imparts information to Red regarding the Mask of Ice whilst at Mt. Silver.

Sabrina later goes to heal from her injuries at the hidden spring in Johto's Mt. Silver, whereupon she informs Red of the danger the Masked Man is planning to unleash upon the Pokémon League. Later, Sabrina ends up fighting against Grass-type Pokémon user Bugsy in the Gym Leader tournament. This battle ultimately goes in Sabrina's favour, who ends up winning the match.


Drowzee File:Male Symbol.png
Drowzee is one of Sabrina's Pokémon, and was used briefly in the confrontation in Saffron City. It was easily defeated by Erika's Vileplume, after one of her assistants was being followed by it.
Sabrina and Kadabra.jpg
Kadabra File:Male Symbol.png
Kadabra serves as Sabrina's form of transport, as it carries her on its back. It also has the ability to shapeshift, as shown when it pretended to be Professor Oak. It is also a very formidable opponent, as it was able to hold its own against Green's Pokémon. Kadabra's Moves: Psychic, Disable, Slash, Psybeam.
Mr. Mime File:Male Symbol.png
Mr. Mime is also another formidable member of Sabrina's array of Pokémon. It is most notable for being used to generate the barrier around Saffron City via Lightscreen. Mr. Mime's Moves: Teleport, Lightscreen, Confusion, Encore
Alakazam Manga.jpg
Alakazam File:Male Symbol.png
Alakazam was used to generate the Spoons of Destiny, in which it partnered the Pokédex Holders with the Rocket Executives. It also knows powerful moves such as Psychic. Alakazam's Moves: Psychic
Venomoth Manga.jpg
Venomoth File:Male Symbol.png
Venomoth was used by Sabrina in the fight against Elite Four Lorelei. Venomoth's Moves: Sleep Powder, Mega Drain


Moltres was used by Sabrina primarily to defeat the Pokédex Holders. Sabrina later merged the three birds to form an amalgamation of the three.However, once Sabrina was defeated, it was returned to the wild, before being captured by Green.
After Green put all 7 badges into the badge energy amplifier, a large amount of energy went toward Sabrina and her Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, thus transforming them to Zapmolcuno. It was then defeated and separated by Red's Venusaur, Blue's Charizard, and Green's Blastoise.
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