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Rotation Battle

A Rotation Battle is a Pokémon Battle that is another three-on-three battle mode, where you can only choose one of your Pokémon out of the three out to attack each turn. You have to predict which Pokémon your opponent will use and what attack they'll use for the greatest success. This type of three-on-three battle is in addition to the regular three-on-three battle mode and the one revealed last month where you can constantly rotate the position of your Pokémon.


The Rotation battle involves three Pokémon where only the one in front can attack and take damage. In this type of battle, you can move Pokémon from the back and front and, unlike a from switch, this allows the use of an attack - At the cost of your opponent knowing what pokémon you have.


Preferably you should have a Protect user on your team to take certain moves and/or a support user (like a Pokémon who knows Sleep Powder, Wish, Thunder Wave, Will-o-Wisp, or Toxic).You can also use moves like Butterfly Dance, Swords Dance, Dragon Dance, Nasty Plot, Agility, or any Stat modification move during the rotation so you can take moves that the opp wouldn't use on that Pokémon so you can power up or gain def .

But this type of fight can also be disadvantageous. Simple moves like Imprison that render Pokémon unable to use moves that your Pokémon know will allow some Pokémon who can learn Protect useless,not to mention Heal Block will now have a reason to be there since some Pokémon like Blissey, and some Eeveelutions who can learn Wish can be made useless, and moves like Butterfly Dance, Shell Break, and Body Purge can become impossible to use.

Pokémon Team

You probably know from strategy that you need protect user's right but you need them to have good def and sp def stat with a resistans to some types a good Pokémon for that would be Desukaan thanks to his high def stat and sp def also it abillity mummy it can become a fearsome protect user not to mention it's will-o-wisp move but don't forget Imprison the move forgotten can also help stop the opp protect user also other will-o-wisp user's

Now let's talk support why do you need support because some Pokémon can't survive rotation or switch some why not use reflect or light screen maybe a sandstorm user or some unknow strategy also don't forget you need at least one support move Pokémon my fav is erfuun why thanks to mischiveous heart stat modification or status move have priotity over alot moves except protect or sucker punch but moves like extreme speed and quick attack maybe faster or depend on your speed stat.

Now sweepers you need them if not you will not kill more than 1 or 2 Pokémon if your walls have high attack.Most likely you will need at least two sweepers one for atk the other for sp atk but what about emergencies where one dies you will need a spare so you need either a mixed sweeper or a Pokémon who knows moves like psycho shock to use sp atk against def.So unless i edit this it's about all you need to know about how to make your team unless you want to be creative which i encourage If you have new ideas post them so you will Pokémon like other people and be a creator of Rotation battle.

Lastlly My ideal team would have 2 protect users 1 support user 1 sweeper atk 1 sweeper sp atk and one mixed sweeper

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