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An ability that raises the Pokemon's attack by 50%. If they are an opposite gender, the Pokemon's attack is lowered by 50%. It was introduced in Generation IV.


Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Type Obtained
#029 Nidoran♀ 029.png Type Poison.gif Natural
#030 Nidorina 030.png Type Poison.gif Natural
#031 Nidoqueen 031.png Type Poison.gifType Ground.gif Natural
#032 Nidoran♂ 032.png Type Poison.gif Natural
#033 Nidorino 033.png Type Poison.gif Natural
#034 Nidoking 034.png Type Poison.gifType Ground.gif Natural
#267 Beautifly 267.png Type Bug.gifType Flying.gif Dream World
#403 Shinx 403.png Type Electric.gif Natural
#404 Luxio 404.png Type Electric.gif Natural
#405 Luxray 405.png Type Electric.gif Natural
#519 Pidove 519.png Type Normal.gifType Flying.gif Dream World
#520 Tranquill 520.png Type Normal.gifType Flying.gif Dream World
#521 Unfezant 521.png521A.png Type Normal.gifType Flying.gif Dream World
#610 Axew 610.png Type Dragon.gif Natural
#611 Fraxure 611.png Type Dragon.gif Natural
#612 Haxorus 612.png Type Dragon.gif Natural
#??? Pyroar 000.png Type Normal.gifType Fire.gif Natural