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"If you wanna catch a Pokémon... You gotta weaken it first, then throw the Poké Ball."
Red in Pokémon Adventures: Volume 1

(レッド Reddo)
Name: Red
Japanese Name: レッド Reddo
Age: 20 (as of the thirteenth chapter)
Gender: Male
Hometown: Pallet Town
  • Unnamed Mother
Class: Pokémon Fighter (戦う者 Fighter), Champion
First Appearance:
  • Pokémon Adventures (Chapter 001)

Red (レッド Reddo) is the main protagonist of Pokémon Adventures during the Red, Green, & Blue and FireRed & LeafGreen arcs. He also serves as a deuteragonist in the Gold, Silver & Crystal and Emerald arcs. He is 16 years old as of the Emerald chapter and his Birthday is August 8 (Leo). Red's rival in the manga is Blue Oak.


Red's appearance doesn't change much throughout the series aside from his height.

In the Red, Green & Blue arc, Red's initial design was based on the main protagonist of the original Gameboy games, Pokemon Red Version and Pokémon Green Version, with the only difference being his prominent spiky hair that stuck out from in front of his backwards-worn cap. After defeating Team Rocket's Lt. Surge in the Silph Co. building, he snatched his pair of insulating gloves.

In the Yellow arc, his attire basically remained the same with the exception of a new red band which he tied around his left thigh on top of his jeans. It's assumed that received the band after becoming Champion.

In the Gold, Silver & Crystal arc, his T-shirt has changed from black to white, and he no longer wore his cap backwards.

In the FireRed & LeafGreen arc, his attire was completely revamped to match the outfit of the male protagonist of the GameBoy Advance games, Pokémon FireRed Version and Pokémon LeafGreen version, but his hairstyle remained unchanged if not made wilder.

In the Emerald arc his outfit remained unchanged, except that he regained his pair of insulating gloves.

Over the years, his eye color has ranged from brown to deep red to match his name.


A young Red and Poli as a Poliwag.

As a child, Red's first Pokémon was a Poliwag, who he nicknamed "Poli" (ニョロ Nyoro). One day he fell into a lake and couldn't resurface. Poli then evolved into Poliwhirl to save him.


Red, Blue and Green Chapter

Chapter 001: Vs Mew

Red debuts in Pallet Town while he teaches a group of children how to catch Pokémon. Before they leave, they tell him about the famous Professor Oak and his grandson, who had just come back from training overseas. They say that Professor Oak is famous for his knowledge of Pokémon. Feeling arrogant at that time, Red went to prove that he is better than him. Later, he ran into some men in black uniforms with a red 'R' on their chests and overheard them talking about the "Phantom Pokémon." Red then decided to try to catch it first and headed to western Pallet with as many unused Poké Balls as he could carry. He then saw a trainer with a Charmander battling it out with an unknown Pokémon. Red observed the intense battle, until the trainer appeared to have indiscriminantly called back his Pokémon.

Red revealed himself to the trainer and the Pokémon. He asked the trainer why he called back his Pokémon but he did not answer. He then called out Poli to battle the Phantom Pokémon only to lose horribly. The Phantom Pokémon then fled. As Red was nursing Poli (as well as coping with losing for the first time), the other trainer then told Red that he recalled his Pokémon because he acknowledged the sheer difference in power. The men in black appeared after the trainer and the Phantom Pokémon left. Though one tried to interrogate Red, another told him it would be useless and the group left. After losing terribly, he went to find Professor Oak for help.

Chapter 002: Vs Bulbasaur

Red began ringing the doorbell on Professor Oak's lab but received no answer. He then realized that the door was open and he enter. He looked around at all the Poké Balls not realizing that there were so many Pokémon. He then came across one Pokémon that caught his eye - a Bulbasaur. He introduced it to Poli only to get surprised by an old man who had just entered the door. The man called him a thief and as the startled Red tried to explain himself, he accidentally released all of the Pokémon in the lab.

Though Red was able to re-capture most of the Pokémon, some of them escaped. Red then introduced himself to the man and he introduced himself as Professor Oak. Red tried to re-explain that he didn't come to his lab to steal Pokémon though Oak still wasn't convinced. They chased down most of the Pokémon as they made their way to Viridian City. They then went after Bulbasaur, the last escaped Pokémon, who went into the abandoned gym. When, Red and Oak entered, they saw Bulbasaur.

As Oak tried to comfort it and recall it, Bulbasaur tackled him. Red then tried his hand at calming Bulbasaur down and had a better time getting through to it. He, Bulbasaur, and Oak were then blind-sided by a wild Machoke. Oak began to lose consciousness as Bulbasaur began to defend Red but to no avail. Red then saw sunlight peeked through the blinds of the room's windows. He opened the blinds to allow Bulbasaur to use SolarBeam and KO Machoke.

When Oak regained consciousness, he asked how Red knew about SolarBeam and Red replied that he just thought that a plant (the bulb) would need sunlight. Red then explained that he did not go to his lab to steal Pokémon but to ask advice. Red explained what had happened in the Western Woods of Pallet Town and Oak told him that he needed to find his own strength. Oak then gave Red a Pokédex and the captured Bulbasaur (now nicknamed Saur) and parted ways.

Between Chapter 2 and Chapter 3

Oak suggested that Red head to the Viridian Forest to catch Pokémon. He also mentioned that "someone else" should be there by now.

Chapter 003: Vs Kangaskhan

Red headed to the Viridian Forest. Upon reaching his destination, he remembers that he did not stock up on Poké Balls, but continued on anyway. Later on, he and Poli began chasing after a Caterpie, only to lose sight of it. Poli went around a bush to go look for it. Red followed him, only to see that Poli had been defeated by a trainer with a Charmander, who believed that Poli was wild. Red lunged at the trainer in anger only to be effortlessly parried. The trainer then explained that it would only a matter of time until two trainers capturing Pokémon would come across each other.

Red then recognized the trainer as the same one from Pallet Town. Suddenly, giant footsteps could be heard. The trainer then revealed that he had been waiting for this. Then, a Kangaskhan appeared. The trainer commanded his Charmander to attack. He explained that he could catch it and record its data in an object in his hand. Red immediately noticed that it was a Pokédex. Red showed his to the trainer and all he could do was laugh. Red asked what was so funny and he replied that his grandfather said that he gave a Pokédex to another trainer and questioned why.

When Kangaskhan was weak enough, the trainer tried to catch but to no avail. As Charmander continued to attack, Red noticed that something was wrong. When he realized what it was, he demanded that the trainer stop attacking only to be brushed off. Red then commanded Poli to dowse Charmander. The trainer demanded to know why he did that. Red ran up to the Kangaskhan and asked if her child was okay. The baby then poked her head out of the mother's pouch. It looked very sickly.

Red gave it a potion and when the baby was healed, the mother left. The trainer then complained that he could have captured it. Red responded by saying that it would not fair to battle someone at a disadvantage. The trainer began to walk away. Red introduced himself and asked for the trainer's name. The trainer answered "Blue" (Green in Japanese) only to shut him up. Red then shouts that he won't lose to him and then left.

Yellow Chapter

It was shown that he went missing for a while and Yellow searched for him by the instructions of Green because she too is worried. It was revealed he was frozen but was freed later. He then helped Lt.Surge and Bill fight against Bruno. Yellow also battled Lance, the elite fours leader, and managed to pull out a win.

Gold, Silver and Crystal Chapter

Red starts out in the chapter preparing for the Viridian Gym Leader selection test. He is having trouble with his wrists and ankles due to being frozen by Lorelei in the previous chapter. He passes the selection test, but declines it due to his condition and plans to go to the Mt.Silver hot springs to heal his injuries. Red helped out Gold with the others in their problem in Johto, at the last chapter they are shown to be riding their bicycle going up to Mt. Silver. This is also the chapter were Red finally knew that Yellow was a girl (because she had to remove her hat), which surprised Red and also Gold.

FireRed and LeafGreen Chapter

Giovanni is rising again and Red and the others are trying to stop him but they also faced Deoxys. Later they were turned to stone by Sird, to which shocked most citizens and also Professor Oak.

Emerald Chapter

Apparently, Professor Oak sent Emerald to catch Jirachi so that he can wish to free Red and the others who where turned to stone and because of it and with the help of Emerald, Gold, Crystal, Ruby and Sapphire, they were able to free Red and the others from their stone state. Later, they are surprised when Red said that why won't they hold a match and each and every Pokédex Holder will join, it is known that Emerald won it.


On Hand

Poliwag → Poliwhirl → Poliwrath File:Male Symbol.png
Poli is Red's first caught Pokémon. Red caught it while it was still a Poliwag. It evolved into Poliwhirl to save Red from drowning as a little kid. It evolved once more when Lt. Surge threw Red into the Vermillion Bay. Poliwhirl came in contact with the legendary Water Stone and was able to save Red and defeat Lt. Surge. Poli is male. His special ability is Damp and has a Brave nature.
Bulbasaur → Ivysaur → Vensaur File:Male Symbol.png
Saur is Red's starter Pokémon. He accidentally released him as Bulbasaur from Professor Oak's lab. When Oak saw how well Red battled with Bulbasaur, Professor Oak gave him Bulbasaur and a Pokédex. Saur evolved into Ivysaur shortly before meeting Green. He evolved once more to its final stage during Red's battle again Team Rocket's Sabrina. Saur is Male. His special ability is Overgrow and he has a Gentle nature.
Pikachu File:Male Symbol.png
Pika is Red's partner and the Pokémon he relies on the most. Red caught Pika in Pewter City after Pika was causing mayhem in the city. Like Ash's Pikachu, Pika was not too happy with his trainer in the beginning, but when Red saved him at risk to his own health during their battle with Leader Brock, he changed his view of Red. Later during Pika's travels with Yellow, it was able to morph its Substitute into a surf board to Surf. During those travels, Red (unable to find Pika) replaced his empty party slot with Vee. During the Gold, Silver & Crystal arc, Pika was revealed to have sired an egg with Yellow's Pikachu, ChuChu, and hatched as a Pichu under the ownership of Gold. His special ability is Static and he has a Sassy nature.
Gyarados File:Male Symbol.png
Gyara was a Team Rocket experiment and Leader Misty's Pokémon. Prior to Gyara's debut, Team Rocket stole him from the Cerulean Gym and experimented on him which created an uncontrollable temper. Eventually it either was released or escaped and Misty caught up to it on Route 3 and engaged it in battle but to no avail. Later Red and Saur showed up to help. Gyara was eventually recaptured by Red and returned to Misty. Under her cared, he mellowed out. Knowing that Red would have trouble crossing the sea, Misty and Gyara catch to him on Sea Route 19 just in time to save him from a wild Dragonite. Misty traded Gyara for Red's Krabby. Once on Seafoam Islands, Gyara regressed to an uncontrollable state due to its deep hatred for the Rockets. Red with the help of the rest of his party were able to calm him down. On Cinnabar Island, Team Rocket once again appeared but with the Moltres from Victory Road. Leader Blaine requested the use of Gyara from Red while Red used to the Resurrection chamber of his own Old Amber. During the Gold, Silver & Crystal arc, Gyara was traded to Blue for his Charizard and was traded back after the threat of Neo Team Rocket was removed. His special ability is Intimidate and he has a Lonely nature.
Snorlax File:Male Symbol.png
Snor in the was caught on Route 12 due to it obstructed the path of the Bicycle Race from Vermillion to Lavender. Snorlax awoke to Red and the honey-drenched Saur, getting up and chasing them all the way to Lavender Town which won Red the race and the prize money, but he spent all of it feeding Snor. Snor is male. His special ability is Immunity and he has an Impish nature.
Aerodactyl File:Male Symbol.png
Aero is the last Pokémon of Red's main Party and his main form of air transportation. Red was given an Old Amber from Team Rocket Boss and Leader Giovanni, not knowing is trainer classes. During a scuffle with Team Rocket on Cinnabar Island, Leader Blaine told Red to take his Old Amber to the Resurrection Chamber. Red did what he was told and as a result, resurrected Aero. Aero was able to fend off Moltres and save Blaine and Red's Gyara. Much later during the FireRed & LeafGreen arc, Aero was traded to Blue for his Charizard, due to Aero being unable to fly after having his wings pierced by Deoxys. Aero is male. His special ability is Rock Head and he has a Hasty nature.

In storage

Red's Espeon.png
Eevee→Espeon File:Male Symbol.png
Vee was orginally an Eevee that had escaped from Team Rocket. It had been genetically altered so that it could evolve into Jolteon, Flareon, or Vaporeon without the use of a stone. It could also return to it's original form at will. The data Team Rocket gained from the experiment was used to create the device that was used to fuse Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno together. After it evolved into Espeon, it lost the ability to change back into an Eevee. Espeon's moves: Morning Sun, Psychic,

Psych Up.

Red's Fearow.png
Fearow File:Male Symbol.png
Fearow first appeared in Chapter 9 "...But Fearow Itself". Fearow tried to carry off Bill after he turned himself into a Rattata. Red battled and caught Fearow to save Bill. Fearow's moves: Fly, Drill Peck
Red's Bellsprout.png
Bellsprout x6 File:Male Symbol.png
The first Bellsprout was seen being caught in a flashback in Chapter 9 "...But Fearow itself". He later caught 5 more Bellsprouts in Chapter 22 "A Hollow Victreebel". Red caught these five while he was in the Safari Zone.
Red's Diglett.png
Diglett File:Male Symbol.png
Diglett first appeared in Chapter 18 "A Tale of Ninetails".It was caught using Blue's pokemon team after they accidentally traded their teams. He used it to battle the Eevee that had escaped from Team Rocket after it had defeated his Krabby. It was easily defeated after Eevee changed into Vaporeon. Diglett's moves:Dig.
Nidoqueen File:Female Symbol.png
Nidoqueen first appeared in Chapter 21 "Long Live the Nidokings". Red caught it in the Safari Zone. He accidentally caught Nidoqueen while trying to catch a Nidoking.
Victreebel x2 File:Male Symbol.png
The 2 Victreebels first appeared in Chapter 21 "Long Live the Nidoking!". Red caught both Victreebels in the Safari Zone. He used one of the Victreebels to battle a Nidoking while in the Safari Zone. Victreebel's moves: Wrap, Poison Powder, Sleep Powder, Stun Spore
Nidoking x4 File:Male Symbol.png
The 4 Nidokings first appeared in Chapter 21 "Long Live the Nidokings". Red caught the 4 Nidokings in the Safari Zone. Nidokings moves: Mega Punch
Weepinbell x3 File:Male Symbol.png
The 3 Weepinbells first appeared in Chapter 22 "A Hollow Victreebel". Red caught them while he was in the Safari Zone.
Exeggcute x2 File:Male Symbol.png
The 2 Exeggcutes first appeared in Chapter 22 "A Hollow Victreebel". Red caught them while he was in the Safari Zone.
Parasect x2 File:Male Symbol.png
The 2 Parasects first appeared in Chapter 22 "A Hollow Victreebel". Red caught them while he was in the Safari Zone.
Red's Sandshrew.png
Sandshrew File:Male Symbol.png
Sandshrew first appeared in Chapter 23 "Make Way For Magmar!". He used Sandshrew to battle 2 Magmars that were setting fire to the Pewter City Mueseum on Science. Sandshrew's moves: Sand Attack, Dig
Red's Nidorino.png
Nidorino File:Male Symbol.png
Red Caught the Nidorino When he was showing 3 trainers how to catch a pokemon.


Blue's Charizard.png
Charmander→ Charmeleon→Charizard File:Male Symbol.png
In Chapter 18 "A Tale of Ninetails" Charmeleon was accedentily traded to Red, but he and Blue traded back when they met up again. He later traded his Gyarados for Blue's Charizard, so it could take him to a hidden hot spring on Mt. Silver to recover from his battle with Lorelei. After the threat of Neo Team Rocket was removed he traded back to Blue. Charizard's Moves: Flamethrower, Fire Spin, Fly and Blast Burn.
Blue's Golduck.png
Golduck File:Male Symbol.png
In Chapter 18 "A Tale of Ninetails" Golduck was accedentily traded to Red, but he and Blue traded back when they met up again. Golduck's Moves: Confusion, Surf, Tail Whip, Hydro Pump, Hyper Beam, Iron Tail, Dig.
Blue's Machamp.png
Machoke→ Machamp File:Male Symbol.png
Machamp was originally a Machoke, and was accidentally transferred to Red's party after a mix-up, whereupon it evolved due to the trade. Red traded Machamp back to Blue after they met up again. Machamp's Moves: Submission, Slam, Karate Chop, Low Kick, Focus Energy, Seismic Toss, Hyper Beam.
Scyther File:Male Symbol.png
In Chapter 18 "A Tale of Ninetails" Scyther was accedentily traded to Red, but he and Blue traded back when they met up again. Scyther's Moves: Slash, False Swipe, Agility.
Blue's Pidgeot.png
Pidgeot File:Male Symbol.png
In Chapter 18 "A Tale of Ninetails" Pidgeot was accedentily traded to Red, but he and Blue traded back when they met up again. Pidgeot's moves: Fly, Wing Attack.
In Chapter 18 "A Tale of Ninetails" Porygon was accedentily traded to Red, but he and Blue traded back when they met up again. Porygon's moves: Tri Attack, Conversion, Sharpen, Psybeam.
Red's Krabby.png
Krabby File:Male Symbol.png
Krabby first appeared in Chapter 18 "A Tale of Ninetails".It was caught using Blue's pokemon team after they accidentily traded their teams. Krabby was used to battle the Eevee that had escaped from Team Rocket, but was easily taken out after Eevee evolved into Jolteon. He later used it with Poliwrath to search for the HM Surf. He later traded Krabby to Misty for her Gyarados. Krabby's moves: Dive.
Squirtle → Warturtle → Blastoise File:Male Symbol.png
At some point during the Gold and Silver Chapter, Green traded her Blastoise to Red. After the battle with Lugia and Ho-Oh, he traded Blastoise back to Green.



  • He is shown to be mostly in Mt. Silver in one of the chapters, similar to the game, where the player meets Red in Mt. Silver.
  • In Volume 3, he meets Yellow in a cameo, and apparently, does not recognize her later in the Yellow arc.
  • In the Ruby and Sapphire arc, when Sapphire tells Ruby that there was a boy in the Kanto Region who won the Pokemon League at the age of eleven, she was referring to Red.