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ジンダイ Jindai
Region: Games: Hoenn
Anime: Kanto
Age: 44 or more
Hometown: Unknown
  • Unknown
Class: Frontier Brain (Pyramid King)
  • Unknown
Voice actor: Craig Blair

Pyramid King Brandon (ピラミッドキング ジンダイ Pyramid King Jindai) is the chief of the Battle Pyramid, and gives out the Brave Symbol to Trainers that can defeat him. Brandon is one of the seven Hoenn region Frontier Brains.


Brandon is an adventurous person that has stated that he appreciates the life of an explorer. Before a battle he talks to people about touching matters and difficult questions to boost his courage. During conversation, Brandon likes to use long, somewhat complex words.

In the anime

Brandon made his first appearance in the Anime series in the episode, Battling the Enemy Within. Upon discovering a Pyramid in Pewter City, Ash and his friends explore the area, setting off some traps, causing Brandon to come and save him. While continuing exploration with Brandon, Ash later is possessed by a spirit of a evil king and battles Brandon. Brandon uses Regirock and defeats Ash's Sceptile with a Hyper Beam and Lock-on combo.

Brandon's next appearance was in the episode Overjoyed!, where Ash again battles him. Using Torkoal against Brandon's Registeel, Ash is eventually defeated.

His next appearance was in the episode Gathering the Gang of Four where Ash meets Brandon a third time in a forest. Once again the two battle, this time using four Pokémon each, though he is defeated in the end.

In his next appearance during the episode Pace, the Final Frontier, Ash battles Brandon for the Bravery Symbol in the Battle Pyramid. Using a team of Charizard, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Pikachu, Ash takes on Brandon's Dusclops, Ninjask, Solrock, and Regice. Both battled to their very last Pokémon, until it was Pikachu versus Regice, with Pikachu as the victor.

Brandon reappeared in Sinnoh in A Pyramiding Rage where he appeared in Snowpoint City looking for Regigigas. At the time Ash, Dawn, Brock, Zoey, Paul and Reggie were all in Snowpoint and went to meet Brandon. There Paul challenged Brandon to a battle, who accepted sending his assistant Sam and Temple Maiden Maria to go on ahead to the Snowpoint Temple. However Brandon easily defeated Paul using his three Regis. After Reggie, Paul, Zoey and gym leader Candice leave, Maria and Same arrive informing the group of a mysterious group of people blocking off the temple. In Pillars of Friendship, Hunter J destroys three pillars guarding Regigigas, and despite Brandon and Maria's protests uses Salamence's Flamethrower on the Orb of Regigigas, awakening it and sending it into a rage. Brandon uses his Regirock, Regice and Registeel in an attempt to capture the Colossal Pokémon, only to be foiled by J. However ,due to Regigigas' Confuse Ray, the three Regis go as feral as Regigigas to protect it. When the three Regis sacrifice their own lives to protect Regigigas, Brandon follows suit, being the first human to be frozen by Hunter J's lazer cannon and in turn calms Regigigas. When J retreats due to her client being scared off by the commotion, Regigigas restores Brandon and the Regis to their former state.

After, Brandon decides to help rebuild the Snowpoint temple which was partially destroyed during the conflict. He is currently in Snowpoint as of the latest Japanese episode, as Paul says he is returning to challenge Brandon in Snowpoint.

In the manga

Emerald Arc

He fought against Emerald and was suprised that his Pokémon were still healthy. He was amazed by Emerald's smartness but he stated that he isn't an easy person to defeat. He accepted Emerald's challenge, but the battle ended in Emerald's victory.


In the anime

Brandon Regirock.png
Regirock was the first Legendary Golem that Brandon caught and is arguably his strongest Pokemon.

Brandon Registeel.png
Registeel was the second Legendary Golem that Brandon caught and is considered to be slightly less powerful than Regirock.

Brandon's Regice.jpg
Regice was the final Legendary Golem that Brandon caught and is considered to be his weakest Legendary Pokemon.

Brandon's Dusclops.png
Dusclops was Brandon's strongest non-legendary Pokemon and is notable for being one of the very few Pokemon powerful enough to defeat Ash's Charizard

Brandon Ninjask.png
Ninjask was the second Pokemon Brandon used during his final battle with Ash. It was defeated by Ash's Squirtle.

Brandon Solrock.png
Solrock was the third Pokemon Brandon used during his final battle with Ash. It defeated Ash's Squirtle and tied with his Bulbasaur.


Brandon Regigigas.png
Regigigas is a legendary pokémon that Brandon once tried to catch. But Hunter J stopped him and tried to catch it herself. Brandon, Regice, Regirock, and Registeel saved Regigigas. Regigigas fell asleep again and Brandon swore to protect Regigigas.

In the games

1st set Brandon appears after 21st floor:

Brandon(E)Sprite.png Regirock game.gif Registeel game.gif Regice.gif
Pyramid King Brandon Regirock Registeel Regice
Ability: Clear Body Ability: Clear Body

Ability: Clear Body

Held item: Quick Claw Held item: Leftovers

Held item: Chesto Berry

BraveSSilver.pngSilver Symbol Level -

Level -

Level -








Iron defense

Metal claw



Ice beam





Articuno game.gif File:Zapdos game.gif Moltres game.gif
Pyramid King Brandon Articuno Zapdos Moltres
Ability: Pressure Ability: Pressure Ability: Pressure
Held item: Scope Lens Held item: Lum Berry Held item: BrightPowder
BraveSGold.pngGold Symbol Level - Level - Level -



Aerial Ace


Water pulse




Drill peck

Light Screen


Fire Blast

Hyper Beam

Aerial Ace


2nd set Brandon appears on the 70th floor (Go through the maze 10 times).


Voice actors

  • English: Craig Blair
  • Japanese: Masayuki Komuro
  • Greek: Fotis Petridis


  • Amazingly, he is the only Frontier Brain shown in the anime to actually have captured/own a legendary Pokémon, though in the game there are other frontier brains who have legendary Pokémon.

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