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The Pond is a location on the Friend Area Map in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team. It lies northwest of Pokémon Square, surrounded by forest. There are (?) Friend Areas at this location, housing a maximum total of (?) Pokémon.

Turtleshell Pond

Turtleshell Pond can be obtained for free at the beginning of the game if either the main character or their partner is a Squirtle or Psyduck. Otherwise, it can be purchased from the Wigglytuff Club for 5500 poké after the main story has been finished.

Unevolved First evolution Second evolution
007.png Squirtle Type Water.gif 008.png Wartortle Type Water.gif 009.png Blastoise Type Water.gif
298.png Azurill Type Normal.gif 183.png Marill Type Water.gif 184.png Azumarill Type Water.gif
341.png Corphish Type Water.gif 342.png Crawdaunt Type Water.gif
Type Dark.gif