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Pokémon X and Y
Pokémon X English Boxart.png
Pokémon Y English Boxart.png
Game Information
Publisher Nintendo/The Pokémon Company
Developer Game Freak
Category RPG
Players 1-4
ESRB E for Everyone
Release Dates
Flag of Japan.png October 12th, 2013
Flag of the United States.png October 12th, 2013
Flag of Europe.png October 12th, 2013
Flag of Australia.png October 12th, 2013
Flag of South Korea.png October 12th, 2013
Other information
Platform Nintendo 3DS
Region Kalos

Pokémon X and Y are the first pair of Generation VI games, and the first main series titles for the Nintendo 3DS. Both games were released on October 12, 2013 worldwide in a simultaneous launch.


3D gameplay

This title is the first handheld main series Pokémon title to render battles and overworld objects fully in 3D, as opposed to the former sprite-based engines. Battles now have even more animation, including attack movement and reactions to attacks. Player maneuverability now allows eight-directional movement and the camera angle changes when the player turns, at least in Lumiose City.


The Kalos region, setting of Pokémon X and Y

The games are set in the Kalos region. a region designed after France, with an Eiffel Tower-like structure found at the center of Lumiose City. Star-like in shape, it features many landmarks reminiscent of France and possibly other realworld locations.

Other features

  • The type chart has been reworked, adding a new Fairy-type, with Dragon-type Pokémon being weak to Fairy-type moves. Grass Pokemon are immune to powder and spore moves, Ghost Pokemon are immune to effects that prevent fleeing and Electric Pokemon are immune to paralysis.
    • Fairy is strong against Dark, Dragon and Fighting Pokémon, weak to Poison and Steel moves, resisted by Fire, Poison and Steel Pokémon, resists Bug, Dark and Fighting moves and is immune to Dragon moves.
    • Fairy is now the only major weakness for Dark/Ghost Types like Spiritomb.
  • Mega Evolutions have been introduced, allowing a Pokémon to temporarily evolve into a more powerful form, giving some a new typing, new abilities and a boost in certain stats. Mega Evolution is achieved by giving the Pokémon a Mega Stone and with an unknown requirement. The transformation only lasts for a single battle before the Pokémon reverts to its previous form. Not every Pokémon can achieve Mega Evolution and Kalos Pokémon will not be able to Mega Evolve.
  • A new mechanic called Pokémon-Amie involves a trainer/Pokémon bond. Strengthening the bond through petting, feeding and playing with the Pokémon by copying its movements will increase the Pokémon's friendship and power in battle. A low friendship will cause adverse effects, such as the Pokémon acting negatively towards the Trainer.
  • Sky Battles have been added, allowing flying and levitating Pokémon to battle each other in the sky. This feature is optional, but seems to give large amounts of money for winning the battle.
  • Horde encounters have been added. These battle involve the player's Pokémon going up against five other Pokémon. Multiple hit moves, like Rock Slide, are important in horde encounters.
  • The Player Search System (PSS) was introduced, allowing players to connect to people near them or halfway across the world through the internet. Tapping on the encountered player's icon will allow you to trade with or battle them.
  • Super Training allows a trainer to easily increase a Pokémon's EVs.
  • Gogoat can be ridden in Lumiose City as a form of transportation.
    • Other Pokémon can be ridden, such as Rhyhorn, allowing the player to clear obstacles the player wouldn't normally be able to clear.
  • Rollerskates can be used in some capacity as a form of transportation and allow gridless movement.
  • The reveal of Parabolic Charge shows that the character limit for move names has been removed.
  • Players can sit on benches, unlike previous generations.


The Player Search System showing how customizable characters are.

Both player characters are customizable, with players being able to change their appearance whenever they get a new outfit or accessory.

Player's skin tone and hair color are also customizable, with three different skin types for each gender being available.


Calum, the default male character, sports a red cap, sunglasses, a Poké Ball-embossed messenger bag, and a wristband of some sort. He wears a blue jacket, blue jeans, and brown boots. He also has moderately long brown hair and teal eyes.

Serena, the default female character, has a red hat, a pink purse, and a wristband of some sort. She wears a red dress and black boots. She also has long blonde hair.


The player starts their journey with three friends in Vaniville Town. Shauna is the girl and has pigtails, a pink outfit, a bag, and a wristband of some sort. Shauna appears to be the girl seen following the player in older images. The other two are Tierno who is a larger person with a Vanillite on his shirt who has a passion for dancing and looks to incorporate moves into his repertoire and Trevor who is a good student.


The gender of the rival encountered in the game depends on the gender of the player, the player encounters Serena if you're playing as the boy, or Callum if you are playing as a girl.


The professor of Kalos is Professor Sycamore, who battles the player twice and gives them one of the Kanto starter Pokémon.

Gym Leaders

  • Viola is the first Gym Leader encountered and specializes in Bug-type. She is encountered in Santalune City and carries a camera with her.
  • Grant is a Gym Leader encountered in Cyllage City, specializing in the Rock-type. It's stated he likes to play sports.
  • Korrina is a Gym Leader encountered in Shalour City. Her specialty is the Fighting-type, and uses a Mega Lucario in a battle against the player at the Tower of Mastery.
  • Ramos is a Gym Leader encountered in Coumarine City, specializing in the Grass-type. His main Pokémon is a Gogoat
  • Clemont is a Gym Leader encountered in Lumiose City. specializing in the Electric-type has strange appearance, having two robotic arms coming out of his backpack. He has a little sister named Bonnie.
  • Valerie is a Gym Leader encountered in Laverre City, specializing in the Fairy-type.
  • Olympia is a Gym Leader encountered in Anistar City, specializing in the Psychic-type.
  • Wulfric is a Gym Leader encountered in Snowbelle City, who specializes in Ice-types.

Villainous Team

The villainous team of Kalos is Team Flare, a group whose main goal is to make a new, beautiful world. They are lead by the scientists Xerosic‎, Celosia, Aliana, Bryony and Mable.

Elite Four and Champion

Other characters

Alexa is journalist from Lumiose City and is the older sister of Viola.


As with all first games of a generation, Pokémon X and Y introduced new Pokémon to the series, bringing the amount of Pokémon to over 700.

Starter Pokémon

Legendary Pokémon

Other Pokémon

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  • Pokémon X and Y were the first worldwide release of any Pokémon title. This worldwide release includes most major territories, such as North America, Japan, Europe, Australia and South Korea, but does not include regions such as the People's Republic of China.
  • Pokémon X and Y are the first main series games to not use a sprite-based battle engine.