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Pokémon Trading Card Game
Pokémon Trading Card Game Boxart.jpg
Game Information
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Hudson Soft
Category Strategy
Players 1-2 Players
ESRB E for Everyone
Release Dates
Flag of Japan.png December 18, 1998
Flag of the United States.png April 10, 2000
Flag of Europe.png December 8, 2000
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Other information
Platform Game Boy Color
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In the Pokémon Trading Card Game (Video Game), the player can choose one of three different decks: Squirtle and Friends, Charmander and Friends, and Bulbasaur and Friends. The player are trained by someone to collect eight medals and all of the legendary cards.


  • Even though it was released for the Game Boy Color, the cartridge was released as a Game Boy cartridge.
  • Cards included in the video game are from the real world Generation I sets "Base Set", "Fossil" and "Jungle" with the addition of some Japanese promos and the Japanese "vending machine set" cards.
  • A sequel was made called Pokémon Card GB2: Great Rocket-Dan Sanjō! (ポケモンカードGB2 GR団参上! Pokémon Card GB2: Here Comes Team Great Rocket!?), but it was never released in English.

The Limited Edition Promo card that comes with the game is a holofoil Meowth.