Pokémon Channel

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Pokémon Channel
Pokémon Channel.png
Game Information
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Ambrella
Category Virtual Pet
Players 1 Player
ESRB E for Everyone
Release Dates
Flag of Japan.png July 18, 2003
Flag of the United States.png December 1, 2003
Flag of Europe.png April 2, 2004
Flag of South Korea.png {{{release-date-korea}}}
Other information
Platform GameCube
Region [[{{{region}}}]]

Pokémon Channel (ポケモンチャンネル ~ピカチュウといっしょ!~ Pokémon Channel ~Together With Pikachu!~) is an indirect spin off of the game Hey You, Pikachu!.

Pokemon Channel game takes place in Mintale Town where the player and his Pikachu must help Professor Oak. The player is able to explore the town and also watch, and play in various television programs.