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(シンジ Shinji)
Region: Sinnoh
Age: 11-12
Hometown: Veilstone City
Family: Reggie (older brother)
Class: Pokemon Trainer
Friends: Ash
Debut: Two Degrees of Separation!

Paul (Japanese: シンジ Shinji) is one of Ash's rivals. From Veilstone City, he most likely headed to Sandgem Town to get his starter, he has since traveled through Kanto, Johto & Hoenn. However, he is not a caring trainer, what he wants from his Pokémon is pure power and the trainers he faces to be strong. When he first meets Ash, he demands a 3 on 3 Battle, however since Ash was still looking for Pikachu, Ash couldn't battle, this warranted some aggravation on Paul's part. Paul is also known to release his Pokémon if he deems them weak or useless. Some fans call him a "cold-hearted power monger" which seems somewhat appropriate due to his ambition and seeing his Pokémon as tools for his own glory. Paul is similar to the rival in Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold, and SoulSilver, who is often referred to as Silver.


Paul is a grumpy, cold, callous, cantankerous, abusive, merciless, intelligent, heartless, rude, mean, and rather arrogant trainer. He has no interest in being friends with anybody, even his own Pokémon, and simply sees his Pokémon as tools to win Pokémon battles. He is often annoyed and exasperated by Ash's actions and tendency to act like a child, and Paul seems to barely see their rivalry.

Paul rarely shows emotions, although on some occasions he does show much emotions. A very significant time was when in A Pyramiding Rage , when he let his anger get out of control during his battle with Brandon. Paul also almost never smiles, except for the occasional smirk and a small chuckle when dealing with Ash. In Chim-Charred! He chuckles and says to Ash, "Man, you get worked up."

Towards the end of the saga, after the battle with Ash, Paul reforms and is shown congratulating Electivire on a job well done, something that he had never done prior to the three-parter final battle. Paul then decided to return to Snowpoint City to rechallenge Brandon and he bids farewell to Ash, albeit on more friendly terms.


As a result of Paul's selective team creation, his active team is composed of Pokémon that he deems to be powerful. While the captures of Ursaring and Gliscor were shown in Different Strokes for Different Blokes and Riding the Winds of Change! respectively, the rest were obtained off-screen. The On-hand Pokémon List contains Paul's Pokémon whom are currently used by him in the Sinnoh League and against Ash. It was later revealed that his Torterra, Nidoking, Hariyama, Weavile, Froslass, Drapion and Electivire have a type of sentimental value to him as he captured these Pokémon when he first started his journey as a Pokémon trainer.

On hand

Paul's Electivire.png
Elekid → Electabuzz → Electivire File:Male Symbol.png
Having evolved into Electivire in preparation for the Sinnoh League, Electivire became one of Paul's most powerful pokemon, possibly rivalled by Infernape.
Lairon → Aggron
Aggron was the first of Paul's Pokémon that he used during his Sinnoh League battle against Ash. Aggron is a very strong Pokémon and has evolved from Lairon, knowing a powerful Metal Sound attack that even managed to incapacitate Pokémon in the stands. In addition to that, it has powerful Metal Claw, Double-Edge and Flash Cannon attacks which allowed it to hold its own against Ash's Pikachu. However, it eventually fell to Ash's Infernape.
Paul's second Pokémon during the Sinnoh League battle against Ash was Gastrodon. Gastrodon is a very strong Pokémon and managed to trap Ash's Staraptor in battle with a strategy that involved using Water Pulse and Body Slam. It's also used a Counter Shield using Muddy Water. It was soon defeated by Ash's Buizel's Ice Punch.
Drapion is Paul's third Pokémon that he used during the Sinnoh League battle against Ash. Drapion was extremely powerful, managing to defeat Ash's Buizel, Staraptor and Torterra and used Toxic Spikes to poison 5 of Ash's Pokémon. Drapion was finally defeated by Gliscor.
Paul captured Ninjask just before he met with Chimchar. He then later used Ninjask in his battle against Ash. Using his incredibly speed, Ninjask managed to evade all of Gliscor's attacks and eventually poisoned it by knocking it to the ground, which had been made poisonous by Drapions Toxic Spikes, with Fury Cutter forcing Ash to recall Gliscor. However, Infernape defeated it.
Froslass File:Female Symbol.png
Froslass was the fifth of Paul's Pokémon seen during his battle with Ash. Shortly after sending it out, it used the move Hail, which coupled with its Snow Cloak ability, it managed to evade the attacks by Ash's Pikachu. However, Pikachu soon got the upper hand and Froslass was defeated.

At home

Paul Torterra.png
Turtwig → Grotle → Torterra File:Male Symbol.png
Torterra, evolved from the Turtwig that he obtained as a starter is one of Paul's strongest Pokémon whom Paul has used in his many league battles. It knows many strong attacks such as Frenzy Plant, it manages to hold its own in battle. However, it was defeated easily by Cynthia's Garchomp. This was a one off loss however as Paul used it in a variety of battles where it won easily. Despite its trainer being harsh, Torterra itself was eager to help Ash's Grotle get to terms with its new physique and loss of speed.
Paul Ursaring.png
While stuck in a forest, Ash & Co. got attacked by an Ursaring that chased them out. Deciding it was worthy of testing, Paul used his Chimchar to capture it. Paul was happy with the strength of the Ursaring and has thus kept it on his team. After its capture, Paul has used it in many battles and has managed to prove that the Ursaring is strong and Paul has used it in numerous battles. Normally, it ends up having its Guts ability activated to allow it to defeat its foes with ease.
Paul Honchkrow.png
Murkrow → Honchkrow
Before getting to the Veilstone Gym, Paul evolved his Murkrow into Honchkrow. Unlike Murkrow, Honchkrow is powerful and can hold its own in battle with attacks such as it's powerful Sky Attack and Dark Pulse. Using these attacks, it managed to defeat Ash's Grotle with little difficulty. It was also used in a PokéRinger contest where it managed to get to the final round, only to be beaten by Ash's newly evolved Staraptor.
Paul Weavile.png
Paul's Weavile was first used in battle against Cynthia's Garchomp. It has a variety of Ice attacks at its disposal such as Blizzard as well as some strong physical attacks including Metal Claw. However, in both of the battles it has been seen in, against Cynthia's Garchomp and Ash's Staraptor, it has lost despite having the type advantage.
Paul encountered Gliscor in a town near Veilstone City. It had become trapped in the town after being blown there by the wind and started causing trouble with a fleet of Gligar. In stopping it, Paul captured the Gliscor and after checking its stats, decided to keep it on his team. Gliscor has a range of powerful attacks including X-Scissor and Guillotine.
Paul's Magmortar.png
Magmar → Magmortar File:Male Symbol.png
Paul obtained a Magmar prior to getting to Veilstone City and successfully used it in his gym battle against Maylene. It has a variety of powerful attacks including Fire Spin & Fire Punch. Paul later used it in his battle against Brandon where it had troubles fighting Registeel before being defeated by Regirock. It evolved into Magmortar not long after this loss.
Paul Hariyama.png
Hariyama File:Male Symbol.png
Paul also utilised his Hariyama in his battle against the Pyramid King Brandon. Sending it against Regirock, Hariyama utilised a variety of fighting type volleys in order to try and defeat it. However, it wasn't too long before Hariyama was defeated.
Paul Nidoking.png
Nidoking File:Male Symbol.png
Paul utilized his Nidoking in his battle against the Pyramid King Brandon. Sending it against Registeel, Paul managed to get in a few attacks with Nidoking, including the use of it's powerful Earth Power attack, before it ended up being defeated.


Paul's Starly.png
Starly File:Female Symbol.png
This Starly was the Starly that Paul kept, due to it knowing Aerial Ace. It is a powerful Starly that was able to defeat Ash's Starly in a quick battle. However despite this win, Paul decided to let Starly go.
Paul Starly First 2.png
Starly (x2)
Paul caught these two Starly with the one above. However after learning that these two did not know Aerial Ace, Paul quickly released these two and kept the other one, for a short time.
Paul's Stantler.png
Stantler File:Male Symbol.png
While stuck in a forest, Paul discovered a wild Stantler. Battling it with Chimchar, he captured it and decided, like usual, to check its strength with his Pokédex, he decided that Stantler was too weak to be on his team and thus released it back to the wild. The only move that Stantler knew was Tackle.
Chimchar File:Male Symbol.png
Chimchar is one of Paul's weaker Pokémon. Knowing many fire attacks, Paul set it out against Ash's Aipom with whom it put up a decent fight. It eventually got defeated, however this defeat did not disuade Paul's faith in Chimchar. After its defeat at the hands of Cynthia, Paul is worried that Chimchar is not striking its potential which continues into the Tag Battle Paul Enters. When it seems its not fulfilling its potential more, Paul decides to release it after leaving it in battle for Ash to command. Soon after it is released, Ash asks Chimchar to join him.

Given away

Paul's Azumarill.PNG
It is unknown where Paul obtained his Azumarill, however Paul did use it in his battle against the Rock Gym Leader of Sinnoh, Roark. With a powerful Hydro Pump, Paul hoped it would help make quick work of Roark's team. However, Roark's Geodude quickly dispatched it. After its pitiful defeat during the Gym Battle with Roark, Paul gave his Azumarill to a passing trainer.



Kanto League

  • 8 Unknown Badges

Johto League

  • 8 Unknown Badges

Hoenn League

  • 8 Unknown Badges

Sinnoh League

  • Coal Badge
  • Cobble Badge
  • Icicle Badge
  • beacon badge
  • 4 Unknown Badges

Pokemon League Status

  • Kanto Conference (Indigo League): Unknown
  • Silver Conference (Johto League): Unknown
  • Ever Grande Conference (Hoenn League): Unknown
  • Lilly of the Valley Coference (Sinnoh League) Loses to Ash: Top 8


  • Hearthome Tag Battle: Champion-with Ash
  • PokéRinger - Squallville: Runner-Up



  • Paul's appearance and personality is heavily based on Silver's; at first some fans assumed that he was the anime counterpart of Silver. This was proven false because Silver already appeared in the anime before Paul. However, the appearance was brief, so Paul may be a remake of Silver the way Lyra is Kris 's game remake.
  • Strangely enough, Paul's hometown is Veilstone City, which is also where Team Galactic's base was set up. Also interesting to note is that, in the games, you can only evolve Murkrow by use of the Dusk Stone, which is only available inside of said base.
  • Oddly, out of almost all the battles Paul and Ash were in, Paul was the victor, making him a lot stronger than Ash, yet he couldn't defeat Brandon the Pyramid King but Ash could because Paul fought out of anger.
  • Although a Pokédex is often red or pink Paul's Pokédex is black.
  • Paul smiled when he lost to Ash Ketchum in the Sinnoh league.
  • Paul and Ash share the dream of becoming the world's best trainer.
  • Paul is the only named trainer to own an East Sea Gastrodon.
  • Paul is the kind of trainer who doesn't let any entry hazards stop him from making substitutions.
  • Paul's Torterra is the only Pokemon he has that has never been seen getting yelled at, no matter what it does.
  • Unlike the original owners of Tepig and Charmander, Paul doesn't try getting Chimchar back despite witnessing its power.