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Overgrow (Japanese: しんりょく Fresh Greenery) is an ability introduced in Generation III. All of the Pokémon that have this ability are the Grass-type Starter Pokémon from all regions, as well as Pansage and Simisage. In total, 17 Pokémon have this ability. Overgrow increases the holder's Grass-type moves' damage, making them do 150% damage. However, this only happens when the Pokémon has 30% of its original HP remaining. Overgrow has no effect outside of battle.


Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Type Obtained
#001 Bulbasaur 001.png Type Grass.gifType Poison.gif Natural
#002 Ivysaur 002.png Type Grass.gifType Poison.gif Natural
#003 Venusaur 003.png Type Grass.gifType Poison.gif Natural
#152 Chikorita 152.png Type Grass.gif Natural
#153 Bayleef 153.png Type Grass.gif Natural
#154 Meganium 154.png Type Grass.gif Natural
#252 Treecko 252.png Type Grass.gif Natural
#253 Grovyle 253.png Type Grass.gif Natural
#254 Sceptile 254.png Type Grass.gif Natural
#387 Turtwig 387.png Type Grass.gif Natural
#388 Grotle 388.png Type Grass.gif Natural
#389 Torterra 389.png Type Grass.gifType Ground.gif Natural
#495 Snivy 495.png Type Grass.gif Natural
#496 Servine 496.png Type Grass.gif Natural
#497 Serperior 497.png Type Grass.gif Natural
#511 Pansage 511.png Type Grass.gif Dream World
#512 Simisage 512.png Type Grass.gif Dream World

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