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Orange Islands
Orange Archipelago
オレンジ諸島 Orenji-shotō
Map of the Orange Islands
Introduced in: Adventures on the Orange Islands
Professor: Professor Ivy
Regional villains: Team Rocket
Starter Pokémon: N/A

The Orange Islands (オレンジ諸島 Orenji-shotō?) chain, also formally known as the Orange Archipelago, is an island chain that appears in the Pokémon anime. The archipelago is different climatically from Kanto and Johto, which is temperate while the archipelago is tropical. One effect of the different climate is that Pokémon found there are of a different color. While many people inhabit these islands, the most notable are the Orange Crew, the four Gym Leaders who live on four of the islands. They are Cissy, Danny, Rudy, and Luana; and the Head Leader Drake.

It should be noted that the Orange Islands are unique because there is no video game equivalent.[1] The Orange Archipelago only exists in the anime and the The Electric Tale of Pikachu manga, so it is not considered part of the game canon.

Gym battles

Gym battles in the Orange Islands differ from those on the mainland because the Orange Crew do not require challengers to actually fight them. Instead, they wish to test their loyalty to their Pokémon and vice-versa with various tests (for example, Danny has a Trainer use his/her Pokémon to freeze a geyser of hot water and then carve it into a sled for racing).

Other notable characters

There are a few other characters of note on the Orange Islands. Professor Felina Ivy works on Valencia Island with her three assistants Faith, Hope, and Charity. Other notable residents include Prima, known in the video games as Lorelei, a local Pokémon Master and member of Kanto’s Elite Four (this would be later referenced in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen’s Sevii Islands); Mateo, a glass sculptor who lives on Sunburst Island and takes his inspiration from a rare, reclusive Crystal Onix; and Melody, a young girl who lives on Shamouti Island and plays the flute in an annual ceremony there.

In MS002: Pokémon The Movie 2000 - The Power of One, the Kanto region legendary birds and Lugia live around this area.


Most of the islands are named after varieties of oranges, or other citrus fruits.

Pokémon League

Name Settlement Information Badge/Trophy
Mikan Island Trainers are required to participate in an accuracy test and a race against the gym leader. Coral-Eye Badge.png
CoralEye Badge
Navel Island Trainers must first climb a nearby mountain without the aid of their Pokémon, in order to qualify for further challenges. Should a Trainer qualify, they must then choose one Pokémon to help them build a bobsled-evice in a race against the gym leader, and then race him down the mountain. SeaRuby Badge.png
SeaRuby Badge
Trovita Island Trainers must first participate in an accuracy test. Should the challenger pass this test, they will face the gym leader in a three-on-three, same-type Pokémon battle. SpikeShell Badge.png
SpikeShell Badge
Kumquat Island Trainers defeat the gym leader, in a double battle. JadeStar Badge.png
JadeStar Badge
Drake Orange Islands.png
Head Leader Drake
Pummelo Island Trainers must defeat the head leader on a 6 to 6 Pokémon battle. Winner's Trophy.png
Winner's Trophy


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  • The shape of the Orange Islands has a resemblance of a Clefairy.
  • The Orange Island is the only region you can't go to that Ash went to.