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N's Castle
Nの城 N no shiro
Map of n's Castle
Information about N's Castle
Region: Unova
Connecting locations: ↓ South - Pokémon League
Weather: Normal
Kind: Building
Needed HM: None
Generation(s) available: V

Black and White

N's Castle is a location that appears after you defeat the Elite Four. You encounter Reshiram or Zekrom here depending on the version of the game being played (Reshiram: Pokémon Black; Zekrom: Pokémon White). To go there, you must beat all of the Elite Four members of Unova and then walk into the blue circle around the statue and press A. It will lower and there will be a set of stairs. N's Castle is at the top. You will see N talking to Alder.

When you walk up the black steps, you will see the sages for Team Plasma, and then all of the Gym Leaders (excluding Cilan, Cress, and Chili. Bianca later explains that by the time she got to Striaton City to get them everything at N's Castle was over.), Alder, and Cheren confront the Sages. To the left of the Sages, you will see a flight of steps to lead to the next part of N's Castle.

After 3 flights of stairs, Team Plasma's Shadow Triad will appear and tell you that N is in that room with Zekrom/Reshiram. When you enter, you will see a 3D scene of Zekrom/Reshiram (The one that appears will be under the control of N). Then Reshiram/Zekrom appears with yet another 3D scene. Once you catch it, you will have the ability to switch out one of your Pokémon in your Party for Zekrom/Reshiram and put the other Pokémon in the PC Box. Afterward, N heals your Pokémon and then battles you. When you defeat N, Ghetsis appears, and he battles you. Once you defeat Ghetsis, the game will end with him being taken into custody. N later releases his Reshiram/Zekrom after Ghetsis is taken away. If either of them defeats you, talking to the grunt in the Pokemon league PC/Mart is the only way to return to N's castle, since the man at the front of the League will not let you walk in there to go by foot.

After the game ends, if you battle the Elite Four again, N's Castle is inaccessible, Alder's room is as far as you can go from there on.

Final Battle

Plasma icon.pngThe Final BattlePlasma icon.png
Team Plasma N
Type ---.gif
644.png Black icon.jpg Zekrom Level 52 Type Dragon.gifType Electric.gif
643.png White icon.jpg Reshiram Level 52 Type Dragon.gifType Fire.gif
601.png Klinklang Level 50 Type Steel.gif
571.png Zoroark Level 50 Type Dark.gif
565.png Carracosta Level 50 Type Rock.gifType Water.gif
567.png Archeops Level 50 Type Rock.gifType Flying.gif
584.png Vanilluxe Level 50 Type Ice.gif
Team Plasma Ghetsis
Type ---.gif
563.png Cofagrigus Level 52 Type Ghost.gif
626.png Bouffalant Level 52 Type Normal.gif
537.png Seismitoad Level 52 Type Water.gifType Ground.gif
625.png Bisharp Level 52 Type Dark.gifType Steel.gif
635.png Hydreigon Level 54 Type Dark.gifType Dragon.gif
604.png Eelektross Level 52 Type Electric.gif

Black 2 and White 2

After you have defeated the Elite Four, your rival's sister says that she spotted a Zoroark near Victory Road. Follow it an it will lead you to the ruins of N's Castle. There, N will take you to the spot where he battled agianst Hilbert/Hilda two years before and will challenge you to a battle.


  • Oddly in Pokemon Black and White version 2, N's Castle only have 2 floors, the first floor is N's Playroom while the second is the Throne Room where he battles Hilbert/Hilda. In Black and White, it has 4 floors.