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Mt. Steel
ハガネやま Mt. Hagane
No image.png
Floors 9
Majority type Steel
Allowed team size 3
Boss Skarmory
Kecleon shops None
Monster houses None
Traps None

Mt. Steel is the third dungeon in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team. This dungeon is unlocked after the main character and their partner save Magnemite from Thunderwave Cave, and two rescue missions have been completed afterward. After these tasks are done, a Dugtrio appears at the Rescue Team Base to request a rescue: an angry Skarmory, convinced that Dugtrio and their son Diglett were the cause of recent earthquakes, kidnapped Diglett and took him to the top of Mt. Steel.

After Skarmory has been defeated during the initial mission, it will no longer appear at Mt. Steel.

Wild Pokémon

Wild Pokémon
Pokémon Sprite # Type Floors Recruit rate Notes
Spearow Spearow #021 Normal/Flying 1-4 11.9%
Baltoy Baltoy #343 Ground/Psychic 1-4 5.6%
Zigzagoon Zigzagoon #263 Normal 1-5 8.5%
Aron Aron #304 Steel/Rock 1-8 7.8%
Geodude Geodude #074 Rock/Ground 5-8 9.1%
Tyrogue Tyrogue #236 Fighting 5-8 8%
Meditite Meditite #307 Fighting/Psychic 5-8 5.5%
Beldum Beldum #374 Steel/Psychic 6-8 7.8%
Pinsir Pinsir #127 Bug 7-8 8.3%
Skarmory Skarmory #227 Steel/Flying 9 Unrecruitable Boss

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Item Floors
4–118 Poké PMD.png Poké ??F
3–4 Gravelerock PMD.png Gravelerock ??F
Orange Gummi PMD.png Orange Gummi ??F
Clear Gummi PMD.png White Gummi ??F
Cheri Berry PMD.png Cheri Berry ??F
Oran Berry PMD.png Oran Berry ??F
Pecha Berry PMD.png Pecha Berry ??F
Seed PMD.png Blast Seed ??F
Elixir PMD.png Max Elixir ??F
Orb PMD.png Blowback Orb ??F
Orb PMD.png Escape Orb ??F
Orb PMD.png Hurl Orb ??F
Orb PMD.png Petrify Orb ??F
Orb PMD.png Switcher Orb ??F
Orb PMD.png Warp Orb ??F