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Mt. Ember
ともしびやま Mt. Firelight
Map of mt. Ember
Information about Mt. Ember
Region: Sevii Islands
Connecting locations: North ← Knot Island
Weather: Normal
Kind: Mountain
Needed HM: Strength
Generation(s) available: Generation III

Mt. Ember (ともしびやま, Mt. Firelight) is a mountain on One Island that appeared in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen. Mt. Ember is situated on the northernmost accessible area of One Island, in which Kindle Road must be traversed before the player can attempt scaling the peak. A level 50 Moltres can be found on the bird-like summit. After the player has defeated the Elite Four and obtained the National Pokédex, two Team Rocket Grunts can be battled. After the battle, they escape into a newly-discovered chasm. The chasm contains Braille inscriptions, which discloses the path to a room concealing a Ruby, which is needed to enable trading to players from Hoenn. At the foot of it, a Hiker teaches one of the player's Pokémon Explosion.


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