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Moxie raises the Pokémon's Attack stat every time the user makes a Pokémon faint.


Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Type Obtained
#127 Pinsir 127.png Type Bug.gif Dream World
#130 Gyarados 130.png Type Water.gifType Flying.gif Dream World
#214 Heracross 214.png Type Bug.gifType Fighting.gif Dream World
#262 Mightyena 262.png Type Dark.gif Dream World
#373 Salamence 373.png Type Dragon.gifType Flying.gif Dream World
#430 Honchkrow 430.png Type Dark.gifType Flying.gif Dream World
#551 Sandile 551.png Type Ground.gifType Dark.gif Natural
#552 Krokorok 552.png Type Ground.gifType Dark.gif Natural
#553 Krookodile 553.png Type Ground.gifType Dark.gif Natural
#559 Scraggy 559.png Type Dark.gifType Fighting.gif Natural
#560 Scrafty 560.png Type Dark.gifType Fighting.gif Natural

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