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The Move Tutor is an NPC who has the ability to teach Pokémon moves that they may not otherwise be able to know, similar to TMs. The Move Tutor was first present in Generation II. Some Move Tutors teach their move for free; however, most Move Tutors charge a fee for their services—usually BP or Shards.

The Move Tutor should not be confused with the Move Relearner NPCs, who are occasionally referred to as a "Move Tutor" in some of the games.

Generation II

Pokémon Crystal

The Move Tutor can be found in Goldenrod City outside of the Pokémon Center on Wednesday and Sunday after beating the game.

Move Type Cost
Flamethrower Fire 4000 Coins
Thunderbolt Electric 4000 Coins
Ice Beam Ice 4000 Coins

These moves can be taught an unlimited amount of times.

Generation III

Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

There are several Move Tutors scattered around Kanto in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen. All of the Move Tutors teach Pokémon their moves free of charge, but you are able to teach each move only once.

Move Type Location
Body Slam Normal Four Island
Counter Fighting Celadon City Dept. Store
Double-Edge Normal Victory Road
Dream Eater Psychic Viridian City
Explosion Normal Mt. Ember on One Island
Mega Kick Normal Route 4
Mega Punch Normal Route 4
Metronome Normal Cinnabar Island
Mimic Normal Saffron City
Rock Slide Rock Rock Tunnel
Seismic Toss Fighting Pewter City
Softboiled Normal Celadon City
Substitute Normal Fuchsia City
Swords Dance Normal Seven Island
Thunder Wave Electric Silph Co.

Additionally, at Cape Brink, there's a Move Tutor who will teach your fully-evolved Kanto starter Pokémon a variation of the move Hyper Beam, matching the starter Pokémon's type. The Pokémon must have high happiness in order to be taught the move.

Move Type Pokémon
Blast Burn Fire 006.png Charizard
Frenzy Plant Grass 003.png Venusaur
Hydro Cannon Water 009.png Blastoise

Pokémon Emerald

In Pokémon Emerald, there are Move Tutors located in various towns and cities that teach their respective move just once, similar to the Move Tutors from FireRed and LeafGreen. However, the introduction of the Battle Frontier brings an even wider variety of moves that can be taught, an unlimited amount of times, in exchange for BP.

Single-use Move Tutors
Move Type Location
Double-Edge Normal Sootopolis City
DynamicPunch Fighting Mossdeep City
Explosion Normal Pacifidlog Town
Fury Cutter Bug Verdanturf Town
Metronome Normal Fallarbor Town
Mimic Normal Lavaridge Town
Rollout Rock Mauville City
Sleep Talk Normal Fortree City
Substitute Normal Lilycove City
Swagger Normal Slateport City

The Move Tutors at the Battle Frontier can be found in the house just to the southwest of the Battle Dome, which is found in the northwest corner of the Battle Frontier. There are two elderly ladies, and each teaches you a different move, for the cost of some BP. These moves can be taught an unlimited amount of times, provided you have the BP to pay for them.

Battle Frontier (Left)
Move Type Cost
Softboiled Normal 16 BP
Seismic Toss Fighting 24 BP
Dream Eater Psychic 24 BP
Mega Punch Normal 24 BP
Mega Kick Normal 48 BP
Body Slam Normal 48 BP
Rock Slide Rock 48 BP
Counter Fighting 48 BP
Thunder Wave Electric 48 BP
Swords Dance Normal 48 BP
Battle Frontier (Right)
Move Type Cost
Defense Curl Normal 16 BP
Snore Normal 24 BP
Mud-Slap Ground 24 BP
Swift Normal 24 BP
Icy Wind Ice 24 BP
Endure Normal 48 BP
Psych Up Normal 48 BP
Ice Punch Ice 48 BP
ThunderPunch Electric 48 BP
Fire Punch Fire 48 BP

Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness

In Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, you can learn exclusive moves after clearing certain points in the game by visiting the Teacher Lady inside of a hidden cave in the western part of Agate Village. Like the Move Tutors in FireRed and LeafGreen, the moves the Teacher Lady teaches can be taught only once.

Move Type Available
Mimic Normal From the beginning
Thunder Wave Electric From the beginning
Seismic Toss Fighting From the beginning
Icy Wind Ice After visiting Pyrite Town
Substitute Normal After visiting Pyrite Town
Dream Eater Psychic After visiting Pyrite Town
Swagger Normal After receiving the Music Disc in Phenac City
Body Slam Normal After receiving the Music Disc in Phenac City
Nightmare Ghost After receiving the Music Disc in Phenac City
Sky Attack Flying After hearing about the Snagem Hideout
Double-Edge Normal After visiting the Cipher Key Lair
Selfdestruct Normal After visiting Citadark Isle

Nightmare, Sky Attack, and Selfdestruct are the only Move Tutor moves in Generation III that are exclusive to Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness; the rest can all be learned in either FireRed and LeafGreen or Emerald.

Generation IV

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

Several of the moves that were previously teachable only via Move Tutors were assigned to TMs after the total available TMs increased from 50 to 92. The moves Dream Eater, Endure, Explosion, Psych Up, Rock Slide, Sleep Talk, Substitute, Swagger, Swords Dance and Thunder Wave were all elevated to TM status, reducing the need for Move Tutors in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.

Two Move Tutors exist in Diamond and Pearl: the Ultimate Move Tutor on Route 225 teaches any fully-evolved starter Pokémon either Blast Burn, Frenzy Plant, or Hydro Cannon, depending on its type; the other, Grandma Wilma on Route 210, teaches any Dragon-type Pokémon with high happiness the new move, Draco Meteor.

Move Type Pokémon
Ultimate Move Tutor on Route 225
Blast Burn Fire 006.png 157.png 257.png 392.png
Frenzy Plant Grass 003.png 154.png 254.png 389.png
Hydro Cannon Water 009.png 160.png 260.png 395.png
Move Type Pokémon
Grandma Wilma on Route 210
Draco Meteor Dragon 147.png 148.png 149.png 230.png 329.png 330.png 334.png 371.png 372.png 373.png 380.png 381.png 384.png 443.png 444.png 445.png 483.png 484.png 487.png 487B.png

Pokémon Platinum

In addition to the Move Tutors in Diamond and Pearl, Pokémon Platinum introduced three new Move Tutors scattered across the Sinnoh region. These Move Tutors accept Shards as payment, which can be found in the Sinnoh Underground. All of the moves can be taught an unlimited number of times, assuming you have the Shards to pay for them.

Move Tutor on Route 212
Move Type Red Shard Sprite.png Blue Shard Sprite.png Yellow Shard Sprite.png Green Shard Sprite.png
Dive Water ×2 ×4 ×2
Fury Cutter Bug ×8
Icy Wind Ice ×6 ×2
ThunderPunch Electric ×2 ×6
Fire Punch Fire ×2 ×6
Ice Punch Ice ×2 ×6
Ominous Wind Ghost ×6 ×2
Air Cutter Flying ×2 ×4 ×2
Zen Headbutt Psychic ×4 ×4
Vacuum Wave Fighting ×2 ×4 ×2
Trick Psychic ×4 ×4
Knock Off Dark ×4 ×4
Sucker Punch Dark ×6 ×2
Move Tutor in Snowpoint City
Move Type Red Shard Sprite.png Blue Shard Sprite.png Yellow Shard Sprite.png Green Shard Sprite.png
Snore Normal ×2 ×4 ×2
Spite Ghost ×8
Helping Hand Normal ×6 ×2
Synthesis Grass ×2 ×6
Magnet Rise Electric ×2 ×4 ×2
Last Resort Normal ×8
Swift Normal ×2 ×2 ×4
Uproar Normal ×6 ×2
Move Tutor in Survival Area
Move Type Red Shard Sprite.png Blue Shard Sprite.png Yellow Shard Sprite.png Green Shard Sprite.png
Iron Head Steel ×6 ×2
Aqua Tail Water ×6 ×2
Gastro Acid Poison ×4 ×2 ×2
Endeavor Normal ×4 ×4
Outrage Dragon ×6 ×2
AncientPower Rock ×6 ×2
Rollout Rock ×4 ×2 ×2
Signal Beam Bug ×2 ×2 ×2 ×2
Earth Power Ground ×6 ×2
Gunk Shot Poison ×4 ×2 ×2
Twister Dragon ×6 ×2
Seed Bomb Bug ×4 ×4
Iron Defense Steel ×4 ×2 ×2
Bounce Flying ×4 ×2 ×2
Mud-Slap Ground ×4 ×4
Heat Wave Fire ×4 ×2 ×4 ×2
Superpower Fighting ×8

Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver

In Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, there are several Move Tutors. The first one the player comes across while playing is a man in the Ilex Forest who is seen headbutting trees. He will teach most Pokémon the move Headbutt, free of charge, and will teach it an unlimited amount of times.

Headbutt man in Ilex Forest
Move Type Pokémon
Headbutt Normal Varies

Both the Ultimate Move Tutor and Grandma Wilma are present in the game and will teach the same moves as in Diamond and Pearl. They can be found in Blackthorn City.

After beating the game, there are three more Move Tutors that become available, each of which can be found inside of the house directly south of the Pokémon Center in the Frontier Access, just outside of the Battle Frontier. Each of these three Move Tutors accept BP in exchange for teaching Pokémon exclusive moves, and these moves can be taught an unlimited amount of times.

Move Tutor (Top-Left)
Move Type Cost
Dive Water 40 BP
Fury Cutter Bug 32 BP
Icy Wind Ice 48 BP
ThunderPunch Electric 64 BP
Fire Punch Fire 64 BP
Ice Punch Ice 64 BP
Ominous Wind Ghost 48 BP
Air Cutter Flying 48 BP
Zen Headbutt Water 64 BP
Vacuum Wave Fighting 48 BP
Trick Water 48 BP
Knock Off Dark 40 BP
Sucker Punch Dark 40 BP
Bug Bite Bug 32 BP
Move Tutor (Top-Right)
Move Type Cost
Mud-Slap Ground 32 BP
Rollout Rock 32 BP
Superpower Fighting 48 BP
Iron Head Rock 40 BP
Aqua Tail Water 40 BP
Gastro Acid Poison 32 BP
Endeavor Normal 64 BP
Outrage Dragon 48 BP
AncientPower Rock 40 BP
Signal Beam Bug 40 BP
Earth Power Ground 40 BP
Gunk Shot Poison 32 BP
Twister Dragon 40 BP
Seed Bomb Grass 40 BP
Iron Defense Steel 40 BP
Bounce Flying 32 BP
Heat Wave Fire 48 BP
Super Fang Normal 40 BP
Pain Split Normal 64 BP
Low Kick Fighting 32 BP
Sky Attack Rock 64 BP
Move Tutor (Bottom-Right)
Move Type Cost
Snore Normal 32 BP
Spite Ghost 40 BP
Helping Hand Normal 40 BP
Synthesis Grass 40 BP
Magnet Rise Electric 40 BP
Last Resort Normal 48 BP
Swift Normal 40 BP
Uproar Normal 48 BP
String Shot Bug 32 BP
Tailwind Flying 48 BP
Gravity Psychic 32 BP
Worry Seed Grass 32 BP
Magic Coat Psychic 32 BP
Role Play Psychic 48 BP
Heal Bell Normal 48 BP
Block Normal 32 BP

Generation V

Pokémon Black and White

Most of the Move Tutors from previous games were removed in the transition to Pokémon Black and White, although ones such as the Ultimate Move Tutor and Draco Meteor remain.

The first Move Tutor encountered in the game is found in Driftveil City. He will teach any Fire-type starter Pokémon the move Fire Pledge, any Grass-type starter Pokémon the move Grass Pledge, and any Water-type starter Pokémon the move Water Pledge. He will teach the moves regardless of which evolutionary stage the starter Pokémon is currently in.

The Ultimate Move Tutor can be found in Black and White on Route 13, while Drayden/Iris will teach any of your Dragon-type Pokémon Draco Meteor if you visit them in their house in Opelucid City after beating the game.

Move Type Pokémon
Move Tutor in Driftveil City
Fire Pledge Fire 004.png 155.png 255.png 390.png 498.png
Grass Pledge Grass 001.png 152.png 252.png 387.png 495.png
Water Pledge Water 007.png 158.png 258.png 393.png 501.png
Move Type Pokémon
Ultimate Move Tutor on Route 13
Blast Burn Fire 006.png 157.png 257.png 392.png 500.png
Frenzy Plant Grass 003.png 154.png 254.png 389.png 497.png
Hydro Cannon Water 009.png 160.png 260.png 395.png 503.png
Move Type Pokémon
Drayden/Iris in Opelucid City
Draco Meteor Dragon 147.png 148.png 149.png 230.png 329.png 330.png 334.png 371.png 372.png 373.png 380.png 381.png 384.png 443.png 444.png 445.png 483.png 484.png 487.png 487B.png 493.png* 610.png 611.png 612.png 621.png 633.png 634.png 635.png 643.png 644.png 646.png

Pokémon Black 2 and White 2

In addition to all of the Move Tutors in Black and White, Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 introduce four new Move Tutors that accept Shards for payment, similarly to how they did in Platinum. However, each Move Tutor accepts only a single color of Shard instead of a variety, making it easier to figure out which Shards are necessary for certain moves.

The Red Shard Move Tutor is found in Driftveil City, the Blue Shard Move Tutor is found in Lentimas Town, while the Yellow Shard Move Tutor is found in Humilau City. The Green Shard Move Tutor is not accessible until after beating the game, but can be found in Nacrene City.

Driftveil City Move Tutor
Move Type Cost
Covet Normal Red Shard Sprite.png×2
Bug Bite Bug Red Shard Sprite.png×2
Drill Run Ground Red Shard Sprite.png×4
Bounce Flying Red Shard Sprite.png×4
Signal Beam Bug Red Shard Sprite.png×4
Iron Head Steel Red Shard Sprite.png×4
Super Fang Normal Red Shard Sprite.png×6
Uproar Normal Red Shard Sprite.png×6
Seed Bomb Grass Red Shard Sprite.png×6
Dual Chop Dragon Red Shard Sprite.png×6
Low Kick Fighting Red Shard Sprite.png×8
Gunk Shot Poison Red Shard Sprite.png×8
Fire Punch Fire Red Shard Sprite.png×10
ThunderPunch Electric Red Shard Sprite.png×10
Ice Punch Ice Red Shard Sprite.png×10
Lentimas Town Move Tutor
Move Type Cost
Last Resort Normal Blue Shard Sprite.png×2
Iron Defense Steel Blue Shard Sprite.png×2
Magnet Rise Electric Blue Shard Sprite.png×4
Magic Coat Psychic Blue Shard Sprite.png×4
Block Normal Blue Shard Sprite.png×6
Hyper Voice Normal Blue Shard Sprite.png×6
Electroweb Electric Blue Shard Sprite.png×6
Icy Wind Ice Blue Shard Sprite.png×6
Iron Tail Steel Blue Shard Sprite.png×6
Aqua Tail Water Blue Shard Sprite.png×8
Earth Power Ground Blue Shard Sprite.png×8
Zen Headbutt Psychic Blue Shard Sprite.png×8
Foul Play Dark Blue Shard Sprite.png×8
Superpower Fighting Blue Shard Sprite.png×10
Gravity Psychic Blue Shard Sprite.png×10
Dragon Pulse Dragon Blue Shard Sprite.png×10
Dark Pulse Dark Blue Shard Sprite.png×10
Humilau City Move Tutor
Move Type Cost
Bind Normal Yellow Shard Sprite.png×2
Snore Normal Yellow Shard Sprite.png×2
Heal Bell Normal Yellow Shard Sprite.png×4
Knock Off Dark Yellow Shard Sprite.png×4
Synthesis Grass Yellow Shard Sprite.png×6
Roost Flying Yellow Shard Sprite.png×6
Sky Attack Flying Yellow Shard Sprite.png×8
Role Play Psychic Yellow Shard Sprite.png×8
Heat Wave Fire Yellow Shard Sprite.png×10
Giga Drain Grass Yellow Shard Sprite.png×10
Drain Punch Fighting Yellow Shard Sprite.png×10
Pain Split Normal Yellow Shard Sprite.png×10
Tailwind Flying Yellow Shard Sprite.png×10
Nacrene City Move Tutor
Move Type Cost
Worry Seed Grass Green Shard Sprite.png×6
Gastro Acid Poison Green Shard Sprite.png×6
Helping Hand Normal Green Shard Sprite.png×8
After You Normal Green Shard Sprite.png×8
Magic Room Psychic Green Shard Sprite.png×8
Wonder Room Psychic Green Shard Sprite.png×8
Spite Ghost Green Shard Sprite.png×8
Recycle Normal Green Shard Sprite.png×10
Trick Psychic Green Shard Sprite.png×10
Stealth Rock Rock Green Shard Sprite.png×10
Outrage Dragon Green Shard Sprite.png×10
Endeavor Normal Green Shard Sprite.png×12
Sleep Talk Normal Green Shard Sprite.png×12
Skill Swap Psychic Green Shard Sprite.png×12
Snatch Dark Green Shard Sprite.png×12

Side games

Pokémon Rumble Blast

While Move Tutors are not present in Pokémon Rumble Blast, the Move Vendors in each town serve a similar function, teaching a Pokémon toy a move for a certain cost. Additionally, there are Move-a-majigs in each town, which teach a Pokémon a random move it can learn of a certain star rank, depending on the cost and the location. Move-a-majigs come in a normal variety and a golden variety, with the golden variety liklier to bestow better moves.

Move Vendors
Move Type Rank Cost Location
Giga Impact Normal ★★★★★ 100,000ⓟ Toy Town
SolarBeam Grass ★★★★★ 300,000ⓟ Easterly Town
Fire Blast Fire ★★★★★ 300,000ⓟ Westerly Town
Surf Water ★★★★★ 300,000ⓟ Northerly Town
Draco Meteor Dragon ★★★★★ 5,000,000ⓟ Axle Town
Rank Kind Cost Location
Normal 9,710ⓟ Toy Town
★★ Normal 12,940ⓟ Easterly Town
★★★ Normal 16,170ⓟ Westerly Town
★★★ Golden 25,880ⓟ Westerly Town
★★★★ Normal 19,410ⓟ Northerly Town
★★★★ Golden 31,050ⓟ Axle Town