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There is a total of 79 Pokémon in this egg group.

  • 24 are purely Monster group
  • 55 are partly Monster group


This egg group contains many powerful Pokémon. It is a large egg group. The Pokémon in this egg group are bipedal and have a tail. They are usually reptilian.



# Pokémon Type
104 104.png Cubone Type Ground.gif
105 105.png Marowak Type Ground.gif
108 108.png Lickitung Type Normal.gif
115 115.png Kangaskhan Type Normal.gif
143 143.png Snorlax Type Normal.gif
246 246.png Larvitar Type Rock.gifType Ground.gif
247 247.png Pupitar Type Rock.gifType Ground.gif
248 248.png Tyranitar Type Rock.gifType Ground.gif
304 304.png Aron Type Steel.gifType Rock.gif
305 305.png Lairon Type Steel.gifType Rock.gif
306 306.png Aggron Type Steel.gifType Rock.gif
408 408.png Cranidos Type Rock.gif
409 409.png Rampardos Type Rock.gif
410 410.png Shieldon Type Rock.gifType Steel.gif
411 411.png Bastiodon Type Rock.gifType Steel.gif
463 463.png Lickilicky Type Normal.gif
698 698.png Amaura Type Rock.gifType Ice.gif
699 699.png Aurorus Type Rock.gifType Ice.gif
712 712.png Bergmite Type Ice.gif
713 713.png Avalugg Type Ice.gif


# Pokémon Type Other Group
001 001.png Bulbasaur Type Grass.gifType Poison.gif Grass
002 002.png Ivysaur Type Grass.gifType Poison.gif Grass
003 003.png Venusaur Type Grass.gifType Poison.gif Grass
004 004.png Charmander Type Fire.gif Dragon
005 005.png Charmeleon Type Fire.gif Dragon
006 006.png Charizard Type Fire.gifType Flying.gif Dragon
007 007.png Squirtle Type Water.gif Water 1
008 008.png Wartortle Type Water.gif Water 1
009 009.png Blastoise Type Water.gif Water 1
029 029.png Nidoran♀ Type Poison.gif Field
032 032.png Nidoran♂ Type Poison.gif Field
033 033.png Nidorino Type Poison.gif Field
034 034.png Nidoking Type Poison.gifType Ground.gif Field
079 079.png Slowpoke Type Water.gifType Psychic.gif Water 1
080 080.png Slowbro Type Water.gifType Psychic.gif Water 1
111 111.png Rhyhorn Type Ground.gifType Rock.gif Field
112 112.png Rhydon Type Ground.gifType Rock.gif Field
131 131.png Lapras Type Water.gifType Ice.gif Water 1
152 152.png Chikorita Type Grass.gif Grass
153 153.png Bayleef Type Grass.gif Grass
154 154.png Meganium Type Grass.gif Grass
158 158.png Totodile Type Water.gif Water 1
159 159.png Croconaw Type Water.gif Water 1
160 160.png Feraligatr Type Water.gif Water 1
179 179.png Mareep Type Electric.gif Field
180 180.png Flaaffy Type Electric.gif Field
181 181.png Ampharos Type Electric.gif Field
199 199.png Slowking Type Water.gifType Psychic.gif Water 1
252 252.png Treecko Type Grass.gif Dragon
253 253.png Grovyle Type Grass.gif Dragon
254 254.png Sceptile Type Grass.gif Dragon
258 258.png Mudkip Type Water.gif Water 1
259 259.png Marshtomp Type Water.gifType Ground.gif Water 1
260 260.png Swampert Type Water.gifType Ground.gif Water 1
293 293.png Whismur Type Normal.gif Field
294 294.png Loudred Type Normal.gif Field
295 295.png Exploud Type Normal.gif Field
357 357.png Tropius Type Grass.gifType Flying.gif Grass
387 387.png Turtwig Type Grass.gif Grass
388 388.png Grotle Type Grass.gif Grass
389 389.png Torterra Type Grass.gifType Ground.gif Grass
443 443.png Gible Type Dragon.gifType Ground.gif Dragon
444 444.png Gabite Type Dragon.gifType Ground.gif Dragon
445 445.png Garchomp Type Dragon.gifType Ground.gif Dragon
459 459.png Snover Type Grass.gifType Ice.gif Grass
460 460.png Abomasnow Type Grass.gifType Ice.gif Grass
464 464.png Rhyperior Type Ground.gifType Rock.gif Field
610 610.png Axew Type Dragon.gif Dragon
611 611.png Fraxure Type Dragon.gif Dragon
612 612.png Haxorus Type Dragon.gif Dragon
621 621.png Druddigon Type Dragon.gif Dragon
694 694.png Helioptile Type Electric.gif Dragon
695 695.png Heliolisk Type Electric.gif Dragon
696 696.png Tyrunt Type Rock.gifType Dragon.gif Dragon
697 697.png Tyrantrum Type Rock.gifType Dragon.gif Dragon