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Japanese Name
Trainer: [[{{{trainer}}}]]
Gender: Female
Debut: IL070: Go West Young Meowth
Released In: IL070: Go West Young Meowth
Current location: {{{location}}}
Evolved: Not yet evolved
Original Trainer: Rich Lady

Meowzie is a female Meowth who first appeared in episode IL070, "Go West, Young Meowth", in Meowth's flashback.


Team Rocket member Meowth fell in love with a female Meowth by the name of Meowzie. With a fish in his mouth, Meowth first saw her from across the road and fell in love at first sight. When she looked up she scoffed with disinterest. Not realizing the disinterest, Meowth made his way across the street to reach her, stopping traffic and causing several accidents. Meowth greeted Meowzie, to which she ignored, in reaction Meowth started singing only to be hit on the head with the umbrella of Meowzie's unhappy trainer. After hitting Meowth on the head, Meowzie's trainer informed her that she had a new diamond studded Poké Ball. As Meowzie looked at the diamonds in awe, Meowth realized that he'd never be able to compete against diamonds. Before returning to her trainer, Meowzie turned to inform Meowth that he was nothing but a dirty street Meowth.

In reaction, Meowth tried everything in his power to become human, going through hardships to try to speak like a human and walk on two legs. After mastering this he went back to Meowzie who once again stared at him in disgust. She informed him that he was worse than before, and that instead of being a dirty street Meowth he was now a walking, talking, freak Meowth. Running away in anger, Meowth vowed to become rich so that Meowzie would crawl back to him begging for his love.

After some time Meowzie reappears. Meowth is rounded up by a gang of older Meowth and their Persian leader. Recognizing them immediately due to having lived with them before meeting Meowzie, Meowth was asked if he wanted to rejoin the gang, since he could speak to humans he would be valuable. Meowth denied, saying that there was nothing that could change his mind. Soon after saying this he saw Meowzie once more, she no longer wore her jewelry or bows and she stood behind Persian.

Meowth then confronted her, asking her what had happened and why she was with this gang. She explained that her trainer had abandoned her due to lack of money, leaving her to fend for herself. Persian had found her and took her in. Meowth promised to get her out of the gang and was ready to fight the Persian to do so. He ended up fighting one on one with the Persian, a fight which he had won. To Meowth's surprise, Meowzie ran to help Persian, explaining to Meowth that she wouldn't feel right leaving him when he had taken her in.

As the episode ends, Meowth looks up at the moon and wonders if Meowzie is looking at the moon as well, despite being treated poorly by her.

Although never physically appearing in any other episodes, she appears in several fantasies of Meowth's.