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Mauville City
キンセツシティ Kinsetsu City
Map of Mauville City
The bright and shiny city of fun!
Location info
Region: Hoenn
Connecting routes: ↑ North - Route 111
↓ South - Route 110
←West - Route 117
→East - Route 118
Mauville City Map.png
Location of Mauville City in Hoenn.
Gym info
Name: Mauville Gym
Leader: Wattson
Types: Type Electric.gif
Badge: Dynamo Badge Dynamobadge.png
Pokémon Gyms

Mauville City is the city in which the Hoenn Game Corner and Bike Shop are here. Additionnally, Wattson, the third Gym Leader of Hoenn, resides here. In Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, the city has changed greatly, becoming the largest city in Hoenn and tied in population with Castelia City.

Important Places

  • Pokémon Center
  • Poké Mart
  • Game Corner - Like other regions. In OR/AS it's closed, and the owner will give you three starter dolls for your secret base.
  • Bike Shop- Here, you can talk to the owner and get either a Mach Bike or an Acro Bike. Also, if you want to switch bikes, you can talk to the owner again.
  • Mauville Gym- At the Mauville Gym, you have to get through the electric doors by defeating trainers. After you do that, you can fight Wattson, the Gym Leader. He uses Electric-type Pokémon and after you beat him, you will recieve the Dynamo Badge and TM34, Shock Wave in R/S/E, or TM72, Volt Switch in OR/AS.
  • Rock Smash Guy's House- Here, if you talk to the man sitting at the table, you can get HM06 Rock Smash. In OR/AS, Wally's father will instead give you the HM.
  • Move Tutors - In Emerald, a tutor can teach your Pokemon Rollout once only, in OR/AS there are two tutors, one teaching Pledge moves, the other Ultimate moves.
  • Mauville Hills Estate - (OR/AS only) On the 2nd floor is an exclusive residential area known as Mauville Hills. It is only accessible once Wattson clears your security after defeating Groudon or Kyogre. You can use Fly from any balcony accessible:
Mauville Hills Directory
No. Info Intercom
1 Rotation Battle expert No response
2 Ribbon Belle (see below) No response
3 Old Guys No response
4 Vacant No response
5 Composer (not accessible) Assume to be fan
6 Devoted Woman (not accessible) ?
7 Dreaming Man No response


  • X Speed
  • Coin Case
  • Mach/Acro Bike
  • TM34 (Shock Wave)
  • Basement Key
  • TM24 (Thunderbolt)
  • HM06 (Rock Smash)
  • Starter Doll (depending on Starter in R/S/E, all three in OR/AS)