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(ルカリオ Rucario)
Aura Pokémon Pokémon
Ability Gender
Inner Focus
Justified (Dream World)
12.5% ♀/ 87.5% ♂
Pokédex color Egg groups
Blue Field
Weight Height
119.0 lbs. 54.0kg 3'11" 1.2 m
Body style Footprint
BodyUnknown.png F448.png
Azurilland Pokédex
HP Attack Defense
70 110 70
Sp. Attack Sp. Defense Speed
115 70 90

[[Category:Blue Pokémon]] Lucario (Japanese: ルカリオ Rucario) is a Fighting/Steel-type Pokémon. Lucario are usually very polite and modest. Some can even talk, using Telepathy, are very powerful, and are considered by many the strongest Fighting-Type Pokémon in the games. According to legend, in the old times Lucario were teachers to humans and taught the first Martial Arts to them.




Lucario is a jackal-like Pokémon that nears four feet in height (3'11" exactly). It stands on two feet like its pre-evolved form Riolu. Lucario looks like some what dog/wolf like Pokémon. Also a kangroo in some points. Though similar in appearance to Riolu, Lucario has some notable differences. It's forepaws are black and it has large pointed spikes in place of the oval shaped bumps on Riolu. There is also a third spike in the middle of its chest. Lucario's ears and muzzle are longer in comparison to Riolu but it retains the black "mask" and red eyes. The "mask also has an added upper stripe. It also has four black appendages on the back of its head opposed to Riolu, who only had two and were previously located on the side of its head. Additionally, Lucario's torso is covered in yellow fur.

Special Abilities

Known as the Aura Pokémon, Lucario are sensitive to a special type of energy called aura. The black appendages on the back of its head are used to detect the auras of creatures and objects around it. With its ability to sense the auras in all things around it, it can navigate and track through telepathic methods. They can also guide the waves of an aura in an offensive manner to create small balls of energy such as Aura Sphere. Lucario are also able to understand human speech; it is said that Lucario can also speak it, though only Sir Aaron's Lucario has been shown to do so and only through telepathy. Lucario have a high attack stats and is very fast.

Appearances in the Pokemon Media

In the Anime

Gym Leader Maylene and her Lucario

Lucario's first appearance in an episode from the main series was in Lost Leader Strategy!, under the ownership of Maylene, the Veilstone City Gym Leader. Maylene's Lucario was used again in the next two episodes Crossing the Battle Line! and A Triple Fighting Chance!, where Maylene battled Dawn in a match and Ash in a Gym Battle. It is also The Champion's Pokémon, Cynthia.

Lucario also makes a small cameo in the opening theme songs "Unbeatable (Advanced Battle)," "Battle Frontier," and "Together".

In the Manga


Lucario as seen in Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew.

Lucario has a lead role in the Pokémon movie Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. Lucario is considered a legend from olden times to the town where he appears in front of Ash Ketchum and his friends, and mistakes Ash for his old friend Sir Aaron due to his similar aura. At one time in the past, Lucario was going to try and help Sir Aaron save a castle, but Aaron trapped him in his Aura staff which made him think that Sir Aaron had betrayed him.

Voiced By: Japanese: Daisuke Namikawa/ English: Sean Schemmel


Lucario is the evolved form of Riolu. Riolu evolves into Lucario by leveling up with high happiness during the day. Lucario can evolve into it's final form; Mega Lucario only devolve back to it's previous form.

Game Info

Game Locations

Version(s) Location
Diamond/ Pearl Evolve Riolu
Platinum Evolve Riolu
HeartGold/SoulSilver Evolve Riolu
Black/White Evolve Riolu
Black 2/White 2 Evolve Riolu

Pokédex Entries

Generations I - III
Lucario did not appear during the Generation I - III games.
It has the ability to sense the auras of all things. It understands human speech.
By catching the aura emanating from others, it can read their thoughts and movements.
A well-trained one that can sense auras to identify and take in feelings of creatures over half a mile.
It's said that no foe can remain invisible to Lucario, since it can detect Auras. Even foes it could not otherwise see.
It's said that no foe can remain invisible to Lucario, since it can detect Auras. Even foes it could not otherwise see.
A well-trained one that can sense auras to identify and take in feelings of creatures over half a mile.
A well-trained one that can sense auras to identify and take in feelings of creatures over half a mile.
Black 2
White 2
Omega Ruby
Alpha Sapphire

Level Up Moves

Level Move Type Cat. Pwr. Acc. PP
1 Dark Pulse Dark Special 80 100% 15
1 Quick Attack Normal Physical 40 100% 30
1 Foresight Normal Status - - 40
1 Detect Fighting Status - - 5
1 Metal Claw Steel Physical 50 95% 35
6 Counter Fighting Physical 100% 20
11 Force Palm Fighting Physical 60 100% 10
15 Feint Normal Physical 50 100% 10
19 Bone Rush Ground Physical 25 80% 10
24 Metal Sound Steel Status 85% 40
29 Me First Normal Status 20
33 Swords Dance Normal Status 30
37 Aura Sphere Fighting Special 90 20
42 Close Combat Fighting Physical 120 100% 5
47 Dragon Pulse Dragon Special 90 100% 10
51 ExtremeSpeed Normal Physical 80 100% 5

  • Moves in Bold text show that the move recieves a STAB.

TM/HM Moves

TM/HM Move Type Cat. Pwr. Acc. PP
TM01 Focus Punch Fighting Physical 150 100% 20
TM03 Water Pulse Water Special 60 100% 20
TM04 Calm Mind Psychic Status 20
TM05 Roar Normal Status 100% 20
TM06 Toxic Poison Status 85% 10
TM08 Bulk Up Fighting Status 20
TM10 Hidden Power Normal Special 100% 15
TM11 Sunny Day Fire Status 5
TM15 Hyper Beam Normal Special 150 90% 5
TM17 Protect Normal Status 10
TM18 Rain Dance Water Status 5
TM21 Frustration Normal Physical 100% 20
TM23 Iron Tail Steel Physical 100 75% 15
TM26 Earthquake Ground Physical 100 100% 10
TM27 Return Normal Physical 100% 20
TM28 Dig Ground Physical 80 100% 10
TM29 Psychic Psychic Special 90 100% 10
TM30 Shadow Ball Ghost Special 80 100% 15
TM31 Brick Break Fighting Physical 75 100% 15
TM32 Double Team Normal Status 15
TM39 Rock Tomb Rock Physical 50 80% 10
TM42 Facade Normal Physical 70 100% 20
TM43 Secret Power Normal Physical 70 100% 20
TM44 Rest Psychic Status 10
TM45 Attract Normal Status 100% 15
TM52 Focus Blast Fighting Special 120 70% 5
TM56 Fling Dark Physical 100% 10
TM58 Endure Normal Status 10
TM59 Dragon Pulse Dragon Special 90 100%
TM60 Drain Punch Fighting Physical 60 100%
TM65 Shadow Claw Ghost Physical 70 100% 15
TM66 Payback Dark Physical 50 100% 10
TM68 Giga Impact Normal Physical 150 90% 5
TM71 Stone Edge Rock Physical 100 80% 5
TM75 Swords Dance Normal Status 30
TM78 Captivate Normal Status 100% 20
TM79 Dark Pulse Dark Special 80 100% 15
TM80 Rock Slide Rock Physical 75 90% 10
TM82 Sleep Talk Normal Status 10
TM83 Natural Gift Normal Physical 100% 15
TM84 Poison Jab Poison Physical 80 100% 20
TM87 Swagger Normal Status 90% 15
TM90 Substitute Normal Status 10
TM91 Flash Cannon Steel Special 80 100%
HM04 Strength Normal Physical 80 100%
HM06 Rock Smash Fighting Physical 40 100% 15
HM08 Rock Climb Normal Physical 90 85% 20
  • Moves in bold text show that the move recieves a STAB.


I Red Blue Yellow Red (JP) Green (JP) Back
Lucario did not appear in Generation I
II Gold Silver Crystal Back
Lucario did not appear in Generation II
III Ruby Sapphire Emerald FireRed LeafGreen Back
Lucario did not appear in Generation III
IV Diamond Pearl Platinum HeartGold SoulSilver Back
LucarioSprite2.png LucarioSprite.png LucarioSprite.png LucarioBackSprite(DPP).png
Lucario(ShinyDP)Sprite.png Lucario(ShinyPlt)Sprite.png Lucario(ShinyPlt)Sprite.png LucarioBack(shinyDPP)Sprite.png
V Black White Black 2 White 2 Back
File:Lucario V.gif File:Lucario V Back.gif
File:Shiny Lucario V.gif File:Shiny Lucario V Back.gif
File:Lucario VI.gif File:Lucario VI Back.gif
File:Shiny Lucario VI.gif File:Shiny Lucario VI Back.gif


Lucario 448.png
Steadfast / Inner Focus
HP Atk Def
70 110 70
Satk Sdef Spd
115 70 90
Weight Height
119.0 lbs. 3'11"
Mega Lucario 448M.png
448Mega Lucario.png
HP Atk Def
70 145 88
Satk Sdef Spd
140 70 112
Weight Height
126.8 lbs. 4'03"

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Lucario is also available as an unlockable character in the game Super Smash Bros. Brawl. He is unlocked by meeting him in the Subspace Emissary, or by playing a certain amount of VS matches. Most of his attacks are imbued with aura. Ironically, he does not use any moves like Metal Claw, but he uses his down smash in a fashion similar to Dark Pulse.

Lucario's appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Lucario's attacks in Brawl are:

Lucario's appearance in the story mode The Subspace Emissary is fairly late in the game. Lucario meditates atop an icy peak when he is approached by Meta Knight, who has climbed the mountain alongside the Ice Climbers to reach his stolen ship the Halberd, which is approaching. Lucario challenges Meta Knight to a fight, but the two of them become friends afterwards, and Lucario joins Meta Knight in Infiltrating the Halberd, where he discovers Solid Snake hiding in a cardboard box. Meta Knight then gets ready to fight Snake, but Lucario senses that Snake is a good guy, and halts Meta Knight from attacking Snake. Lucario also senses enemies nearby and Snake quickly joins the duo.

Lucario is next seen fighting a false Peach and a false Zelda made from shadow bugs. Meta Knight, Lucario, and Snake defeat the false princesses and set the real ones free. Lucario also aids Fox, Falco, Zelda, Peach, and Snake battle Duon on the Halberd bridge while Meta Knight tries to reclaim the ship.

Known Trainers With a Lucario



Design origin

Lucario's canine-like appearance may be based on the Egyptian god Anubis, who, like many other Egyptian gods, possess an animal head, in his case a jackal head.


Lucario's name possibly derives from a part of the word orichalcum in Japanese, a legendary metal, when spelled backwards.


  • Lucario is the second non-legendary Pokémon to be in a central role in a Pokémon movie, the first being Unown and the third being Zoroark. It also displays some similarities with its gen 5 counterpart Zoroark as both being mixed (special and physical) attackers and both being very frail.
  • Lucario is the only Pokémon—other than Cubone and its evolved form, Marowak—to learn a bone-based attack. The reason being it creates a bone-shaped object from aura to use the attacks.
  • Lucario is the only non-legendary Pokémon to appear in the opening of the movie, The Rise of Darkrai.
  • Lucario is the second playable Pokémon to speak human language, the first being Mewtwo in Super Smash Bros. Melee (the English version of the game removed Mewtwo's spoken lines).
  • Prior to Generation V, no other Pokémon had the same type combination as Lucario. Another one was introduced in Generation V.
  • Lucario is the only non-legendary boss in Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia to guard a gem. It appears in the mission: "Get the Blue Gem!".
  • Lucario is one of the few Pokémon in the movies that actually die. The first was Celebi in Pokémon 4 Ever, but was later brough back to life by many other Celebi. The second was Latios on Pokémon: Heroes (however, he was seen flying with Latias at the end credits) and Lucario was the third. Darkrai was apparently the fourth (but it was seen standing on top of a tower during the final seconds of The Rise of Darkrai).
  • Even though it appeared in a Generation III movie, it isn't a Hoenn Pokémon.
  • When Lucario was first released, many people thought it was Mewthree.[citation needed]
  • Though Lucario more physically resembles a dog or type of canine, it has a few cat-like traits. For example, Lucario has slit eyes, like most house cats have. It's also possible that it has retractile claws, as it can learn attacks such as Metal Claw, Hone Claws, and Shadow Claw. It's agility and balance matches that of felines. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, it is shown perched on a very thin piece of ice, then agily jumps down, landing on its feet. Even though it displays such fast-like pokemon, its base 90 speed is outmatched by many pokemon.
  • In the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series, due to Pokémon having both of their abilities if they have multiple ones, Lucario's Inner Focus ability prevents flinching which does prevent Lucario's other ability, Steadfast, from activating in this matter; however, if Lucario eats a X-eye seed, the crossed-eyed effect will still activate Steadfast.
  • Lucario is the only dual-type Pokémon that isn't a Psychic type that can learn Heal Pulse.
  • Although most Steel types have higher Attack than Special Attack, most Fighting types have higher Attack than Special Attack, and prior to Generation IV, all Steel type moves and Fighting type moves were physical, Lucario actually has higher base Special Attack than Attack. The other Steel/Fighting Pokémon has a base Attack and Special Attack of 90.
  • Although it was only obtainable via the Poké Transfer or evolving a Riolu caught in the Challenger's Cave in the Black and White games, in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 it's pre-evolution, Riolu, is obtainable in the wild before the National Pokédex. Its Unova Pokédex number is #34, while Riolu's is #33.
  • Even though Lucario shows knight-like personality, its appearances looks more like a ninja with the black design near its eyes.