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Low Kick
けたぐり Kick Down
Low Kick move (Gen III).png
General Information
Type: Type Fighting.gif
Generation: I
Battle Data
Category Physical
Power: Varies
Accuracy: 100%
PP: 20
Effects: Everyone but user
Secondary Effect:
Contact: Yes
Affected by
Magic Coat: No
Bright Powder: Yes
Protect/Detect: Yes
Snatch: No
King's Rock: Yes
Contest data
Pokémon Contests RSE
Type: Tough
Appeal: 1
Jam: 4 ♥♥♥♥
Super Contests DPPt
Type: Tough
Appeal: 3 ♥♥♥

Low Kick is a damaging Fighting-type move introduced in Generation I. The heavier the target is, the more damage the move will inflict. In Generation II, the move has a 30% chance of flinching the target while in Generation I, this move has a 29.7% chance of flinching the target. However, after Generation III. this move no longer has a chance to flinch.


Generation VI

By Leveling Up
Pokémon Type Level
Mankey Fighting 1
Primeape Fighting 1
Hariyama Fighting 1 or 7
Machop Fighting 1
Machoke Fighting 1
Machamp Fighting 1
Electabuzz Electric 8
Sudowoodo Rock 1,8
Elekid Electric 8
Bonsly Rock 8
Electivire Electric 1,8
Watchog Normal 1
Timburr Fighting 12
Gurdurr Fighting 12
Conkeldurr Fighting 12
Scraggy Dark/Fighting 1
Scrafty Dark/Fighting 1
* Bold indicates a Pokémon which receives STAB from this move

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