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Lentimas Town
ヤマジタウン Yamaji Town
Map of Lentimas Town
Where Rough Mountain Trails Lead
Location info
Region: Unova
Connecting routes: Airplane to Mistralton City
Reversal Mountain
Location of Lentimas Town in Unova.

Lentimas Town (Japanese: ヤマジタウン Yamaji Town) is a city located in central eastern Unova, exclusive to Pokémon Black 2 and White 2. The player arrives in town via airplane from Mistralton City. The town is located in a middle of a windy passage. The Blue Shard Move Tutor is found here.

Move Tutor

The house directly to west of the Pokémon Center contains a Move Tutor who will teach Pokémon exclusive moves in exchange for Blue Shards.

Move Type Cost
Last Resort Normal Blue Shard Sprite.png×2
Iron Defense Steel Blue Shard Sprite.png×2
Magnet Rise Electric Blue Shard Sprite.png×4
Magic Coat Psychic Blue Shard Sprite.png×4
Block Normal Blue Shard Sprite.png×6
Hyper Voice Normal Blue Shard Sprite.png×6
Electroweb Electric Blue Shard Sprite.png×6
Icy Wind Ice Blue Shard Sprite.png×6
Iron Tail Steel Blue Shard Sprite.png×6
Aqua Tail Water Blue Shard Sprite.png×8
Earth Power Ground Blue Shard Sprite.png×8
Zen Headbutt Psychic Blue Shard Sprite.png×8
Foul Play Dark Blue Shard Sprite.png×8
Superpower Fighting Blue Shard Sprite.png×10
Gravity Psychic Blue Shard Sprite.png×10
Dragon Pulse Dragon Blue Shard Sprite.png×10
Dark Pulse Dark Blue Shard Sprite.png×10


  • Lentimas Town gets part of its name from the Lenticular cloud (Latin for lens-shaped).
  • Lentimas Town is the first town or city (and currently only) that is accessible only via plane.

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