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ガンテツ Gantetsu
Region: Johto
Age: 70 or more
Hometown: Azalea Town
  • Maisy (Granddaughter)
Class: None
Voice actor: Jimmy Zoppi (English)

Kurt is the Poké Ball Creator who lives in Azalea Town with his Granddaughter and her Slowpoke. He was seen in the Anime episode A Shadow of a Drought.

Liberating the Slowpoke Well

In the Johto Games, he reveals the protagonist/player (who wants Kurt to make him some Poké Ball from Apricorns) that Team Rocket, which had disbanded after their leader was defeated by Red (the name of the protagonist that appears in the first Pokémon games) has returned and that they have taken over the nearby Slowpoke Well, where they are cutting off the Slowpoke's tails which they plan to sell for a high profit. Kurt tells the protagonist/player that he or she will have to wait and runs off to rescue all the Slowpoke (including his Granddaughter's). He scares off the Rocket Grunt guarding the entrance to the Slowpoke Well (startled the guard accidentally falls into the well), allowing the player to venture inside.

Confronting Team Rocket

Upon entering the well, the protagonist runs into an injure Kurt, who tells the player that he broke his back when he fell into the well after scaring off the grunt. Kurt asks the player to confront Team Rocket in his place. After the Rockets are defeated, Kurt will check on his granddaughter's Slowpoke (the Slowpoke that's holding Mail for Kurt's granddaughter from her father/Kurt's son) before thanking the player and taking him/her (and Slowpoke) back to his house.

After Saving the Slowpoke

After a brief talk about Team Rocket and its return, Kurt thanks the player, giving him/her a Fast Ball (his granddaughter will offer to register Kurt's phone number to the player for saving Slowpoke). Kurt will also offer to take some of the player's Apricorns to create some of his special Poké Balls, telling him/her they will be ready for pickup the next day.

Turning Apricorns into Poké Ball

He makes special Poké Balls out of Apricorns given him, one color of Apricorn per day. He also has a WHT Apricorn tree behind his house WHT (which he uses to create "Fast Balls").

"Note:" Lure Balls can first be obtained from man who tells you about Kurt in the Pokémon Center on Route 32.

Kurt's Custom Poké Ball

Here is a list of the Poké Balls Kurt makes:

Fast Ball
Made from a WHT Apricorn. You can get these from the back of Kurt's house. Good for catch fast Pokémon (such ones that flee quickly like the three legendaries Entei, Raikou, & Suicune, those with a high speed stat, or Pokémon that possess the ability Run Away).
Level Ball
Made from a Red Apricorn. Good for catching Pokémon whose level is less-than-half your Pokémon's level. The greater the difference in levels, the more effective it is.(Enemy is less then the level of us is more good, but if it is less than half or quarters, it'll be the best!)
Lure Ball
Made from a BLU Apricorn. Good for catching Pokémon that have been hooked on a fishing rod.
Friend Ball
Made from a GRN Apricorn. Makes the captured Pokémon very fond of you (Pokémon caught with it start off with higher friendship). Good for Pokémon that evolve via friendship even though only golbat is only the Pokémon which evolve via friendship can be caught.
Moon Ball
Made from a Ylw Apricorn. Good for catching Pokémon that evolve using a Moon Stone (like Clefairy, Jigglypuff, Nidorino, and Nidorina) and their pre-Evolutions (like Nidoran♂ & Nidoran♀).
Love Ball
Made from a Pnk Apricorn. Good for catching Pokémon of the same species, but opposite gender of your Pokémon.
Heavy Ball
Made from a BLK Apricorn. The heavier the Pokémon, the more effective it is. Good for really heavy Pokémon (like Snorlax, Onix, and Steelix).

Friends & Relatives

Professor Oak
The Pokémon Professor who happens to be an old friend of Kurt's. There is a picture of him and Kurt on the wall of Kurt's house. Kurt also appears to be a big fan of Professor Oak's Pokémon Talk radio show (as it can always be heard playing on radio in Kurt's house).
Elite Four member and childhood rival of Professor Oak. She is believed to be the "lady with determined eyes" (this description fits her personality) who appears along with Professor Oak and Kurt in the picture hanging on Kurt's wall. It is likely that she knew Kurt due to his friendship with Oak, as well as his status as a Poké Ball maker.
Kurt's Granddaughter
Lives in Azalea Town with Kurt and Slowpoke (which was given to her by her father). She offers to register Kurt's phonenumber for the player as thanks for saving her Slowpoke from Team Rocket.
Kurt's Son
The Father of Kurt's grandchild and son of Kurt. Gave his daughter a Slowpoke (which held a Mail from him to his daughter) to protect their home and keep his daughter company, before he left to work at Silph Co. in Saffron City in Kanto. Like his father Kurt, he is a Poké Ball Creator designing and making Poké Balls for Silph Co.


Kurt originally planned to defeat Team Rocket using his own Pokémon, but injured his back and couldn't continue (Thus his Pokémon are never seen though he tells the player he has some) . Other than his Granddaughter's Slowpoke he is never seen with any other Pokémon.

A Slowpoke who belongs to his granddaughter. It was left in her care by his son. It is the only Pokémon seen around Kurt.

Other than his Granddaughter's Slowpoke he is never seen with any other Pokémon.