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(キョウ Kyō)
Koga as he appears in Adventures.jpg
Name: Koga
Japanese Name: キョウ Kyō
Age: 40
Gender: Male
Hometown: Fuchsia City
Class: Gym Leader
First Appearance:
  • Pokémon Adventures

Koga is a Team Rocket Executive working under Giovanni in Pokémon Adventures.


Koga is Fuchsia City's Gym Leader, and he specialises in Poison-type Pokémon and is a veritable expert at ninjutsu. His daughter, Janine, took over the gym in the stead of her father, who became a member of the Johto Elite Four.


Koga's personality is first depicted to be cruel and merciless, as shown during his battle against Blue and Red in Pokémon Tower, as he uses Articuno to nearly freeze the pair to death. However, after their conflict, Koga returns once more to face off against the Elite Four member Agatha, teaming up with his nemesis, Blue to defeat her, and displays more admirable characteristics such as bravery and concern for others.


File:Koga's Shuriken.png

Koga throwing his modified Poké Ball Shuriken.

He can use modified Poké Balls, which can be thrown as Shuriken.


Koga is identical in physical appearance to his game counterpart. His clothing varies throughout the series' medium, in which his first appearance depicted him wearing a bandanna like cloth, except for when he becomes a member of the Johto Elite Four in the HG/SS arc, with his clothing resembling that of his game counterpart's.


Red, Blue and Green Chapter

File:Koga uses Articuno.png

Koga controls Articuno in his fight against Blue.

Koga first appears at Mt. Moon, where he is fervently searching for the Moon Stones to bring back to Team Rocket. He is stopped by an untimely appearance by Red and Misty, who thwart his operation. Koga then makes an appearance at the Pokémon Tower in Lavender Town, planning to use his Gastly to revive the deceased Pokémon corpses stored there. However, Red and Blue form an unlikely alliance against him, but experience difficulty in the battle, primarily due to his Arbok's ability to regenerate and control separated body parts. After this, Koga brings Articuno to Saffron City under Giovanni's orders, who then proceeds to combine the three legendary brids together into an amalgamation of the three. As Red and Blue oppose his plans at Silph Co., he nearly kills them by using Articuno to freeze them to death. However, Blue manages to defeat him by using his Charizard's flames to melt Articuno's ice.

Yellow Chapter

File:Koga obscures Arbok's crest pattern.png

Koga prevents Agatha's Arbok from changing its crest pattern.

Koga and the other Team Rocket executives team up with the Pokédex Holders, in order to prevent the Elite Four's plans from culminating on Cerise Island. Koga joins forces with Blue, preparing to face off against Elite Four Agatha, which proves to be a perfect match for both opponents. As they face off against each other with their Pokémon, Blue is temporarily paralysed by Haunter's Lick. In response to this, Koga throws a multitude of shuriken at the surrounding area, which Agatha believes to be a fruitless task, and that he is nearing the end. However, Koga reveals that they were Poké Balls containing a potent Paralyz Heal, which reached Blue, healing him from the ailment. The two formulate a new plan, with Koga instructing his Golbat to use Leech Life on himself, which results in Agatha's Arbok to not be able to change the pattern on its crest. As Agatha is seemingly defeated by Koga's Confusion, the two proceed to try and navigate their way through the labyrinthine pathways underneath Cerise Island.

Will and Karen are approached by Bruno and Koga to join the Elite Four.

However, Agatha was merely manipulating Koga through her Gengar. She uses her Gengar to manifest as their shadows, proceeding to drain the life from Koga and Blue. However, they saw through her trickery and managed to defeat her, just as Cerise Island began to collapse. As Blue supports him through the journey, Koga uses his Muk to protect his body. During the collapse of Cerise Island, Koga is saved from being crushed by falling rocks by Bruno. After the Cerise Island incident ends, he leaves Janine in charge of the Fuchsia Gym and promptly disappears for a short period of time. Koga accepts Bruno's offer to train him as gratitude for saving him from being killed on Cerise island.

Gold, Silver and Crystal Chapter

Following the final battle at Ilex Forest Koga invites two other members of a former criminal organisation, Will and Karen to join the new Elite Four.

HeartGold and SoulSilver Chapter

Koga reappears alongside his teammates at Johto's Pokéathlon Dome, announcing the reformation of the Johto Elite Four.


On Hand

Rhydon Manga.png
Rhyhorn→ Rhydon File:Male Symbol.png
Rhydon was first introduced as its pre-evolution, before Koga injected it with a serum which induced its evolution. In this form, it was powerful enough to defeat both Red and Misty easily. Rhydon's Moves: Rock Throw, Horn Drill.
Gastly File:Male Symbol.png
Gastly's appearance was in the Pokémon Tower, and was used by Koga to revive the deceased bodies of Pokémon within the shrine. It was defeated by a joint-effort by Red's Saur and Blue's Charizard.
Arbok File:Male Symbol.png
Arbok is inarguably Koga's most powerful Pokémon, mostly due to the fact that it can regenerate its body parts almost infinitely, as well as being able to control detached parts of its body. Arbok's Moves: Acid, Glare, Confusion
Golbat File:Male Symbol.png
Golbat is Koga's partner in crime, as Koga is never seen without him. He uses his Golbat in a similar manner to a mirror; in which he can use it to see the location of people or items. Golbat's Moves: Leech Life
Grimer File:Male Symbol.png
Grimer was used by Koga as an outfit, as well as being used to constrict his opponents. He uses it to the extent that Red is unable to call upon his Pokémon for assistance, and made him grievously close to suffocating.
Muk Manga.png
Muk File:Male Symbol.png
Muk was used by Koga during his conflict between the Elite Four Agatha, and was imperative to his survival after Cerise Island began to collapse. Muk's Moves: Poison Gas


Articuno File:Male Symbol.png
Articuno was captured by Koga for Giovanni's plans, and he used it to primarily defeat Red and Blue, shortly before it fused with the two other birds. However, once Koga was defeated, it was returned to the wild, before being captured by Green. Articuno's Moves: Ice Beam, Blizzard