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(カリン Karin)
Name: Karen
Japanese Name: カリン Karin
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Hometown: Not specified
  • Pryce
Class: Rocket Executive
First Appearance:
  • Pokémon Adventures

Karen is one of the Team Rocket Executives recruited by the Mask of Ice during the Gold, Silver and Crystal Chapter of Pokémon Adventures.


Karen specialises in Dark-type Pokémon, and is initially part of the newly formed Team Rocket alongside Will. However, once Team Rocket's plans are foiled, they are approached by Bruno and Koga, who invite them to join the new Elite Four.


Karen has a cruel personality, as shown when she willingly sided with the Mask of Ice, but under the guise that she was kidnapped alongside the others. She is shown to despise Green for her ornithophobia (fear of birds).


Karen is exceptional in her control over Pokémon, as shown when she was able to control the Legendary Pokémon Ho-oh in the final battle at Ilex Forest Shrine with relative ease. Both Karen and Will were considered to be geniuses, and that no-one could best them when it came to Pokémon battling.


Karen is identical in appearance to her game counterpart. When she becomes a member of the Johto Elite Four, Karen's appearance is rectified to match her revamped game outfit. She also wears one of the masks shared by all of the Mask of Ice's subordinates.



File:The Mask of Ice and his followers appear before Green.png

Karen appearing before Green at the Bell Tower with the Mask of Ice.

Karen was initially recruited willingly alongside Will into the service of the Mask of Ice. When Ho-oh snatches Green and takes her to the Bell Tower, Karen and the other associates of the Mask of Ice appear before her. Later, when Green and Silver attempt to escape from the Mask of Ice's base, Karen and the other associates intercept their movements in the air duct. Karen attacks with her Houndoom, as Silver sprawls from the combined attacks. Green severs a cooling vent, as the billowing smoke obscures their movements from Karen and the others. When Karen and the others pursue them, they find themselves faced with the gradually expanding body of Green's Jigglypuff. Later, Karen becomes one of the Team Rocket executives of the Johto region under the Mask of Ice's plan.

Gold, Silver and Crystal Chapter

File:Karen clinging onto Moltres' underside.png

Karen reveals her presence to Green under Moltres' belly.

Karen appears at the Ilex Forest Shrine to confront Green alongside Will. As Green prepares to attack Karen with her Snubbull, she uses her Umbreon to incapacitate it. Karen reveals that the two of them have been instructed to guard this place from any intruders, and that the Mask of Ice will gain the ability to manipulate time. When Karen summons Ho-oh onto the scene, she attempts to use it to force Green to hand over the two feathers. Karen knocks her onto the ground, as Will reveals to Green that Silver was defeated easily by the two of them. As Green runs over to Silver and prevents him from falling, Karen asks whether their touching moment has ended. Enraged, Green stands her ground against the advancing Ho-oh, much to Karen and Will's surprise.

Karen and Will are approached by Bruno and Koga.

Karen orders Ho-oh to circle back and attack Green, but the attack is countered by Zapdos, Moltres and Articuno. She instantly takes to Ho-oh's back, as Will does the same with Lugia. Karen then attacks the three birds with Ho-oh, as the opposing factions engage in battle with one another. When Red and Green arrive on the scene, they assist Green in her battle against Karen and WIll. Before long, Green notices that Karen is no longer riding atop Ho-oh, to which Karen reveals that she was clinging onto Moltres' back the entire time. Karen then uses her Umbreon's Moon Light to send Green's Snubbull hurtling back to Green. She mocks Green's current situation, who lurches precariously off Moltres' back.

After the battle, Karen rescues an unconscious Will, flying away with aid from her two Murkrow. They are then approached by Koga and Bruno, who extend an offer for Karen and Will to join their new organisation.

HeartGold and SoulSilver Chapter

Karen reappears alongside her teammates Bruno, Koga and Will at the Pokéathlon Dome in Johto, announcing the reformation of the Johto Elite Four.


On Hand

Eevee→ Umbreon 15px
Umbreon was initially seen as a Eevee during the flashback where Green and Silver attempted to escape from the Mask of Ice's base. It was ordered by Karen to attack the escaping pair, leaving Silver grievously injured. It later appeared as a fully evolved Umbreon at the Pokéathlon Dome alongside Karen and the other Elite Four during the HeartGold and SoulSilver Chapter. Umbreon's Moves: Bite, Faint Attack, Moonlight.

Murkrow Manga.png
Murkrow x2 15px
Karen's two Murkrow were used primarily by Karen to leave with an unconscious Will after the battle had ended. Murkrow's Moves: Unknown.
Houndoom Manga.png
Houndoom 15px
Houndoom was first seen at the Pokéathlon Dome with Karen and the other Elite Four members. It was then used to perform alongside Karen's other Pokémon at the various Pokéathlon courses. Houndoom's Moves: Unknown.


Ho-oh Manga.png
Ho-oh 15px
Ho-oh was granted to Karen by the Mask of Ice in order to prevent the Pokédex Holders from proceeding past the Ilex Forest Shrine. However, due to the combined efforts of the Pokémon and the Pokédex Holders, both Ho-oh and Lugia are freed from Karen and Will's control. Ho-oh's Moves: Sacred Fire, Fly.