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Johto Safari Zone
 ジョウト地方サファリゾーン Jōto-chihō Safari Zone
Map of johto Safari Zone
Information about Johto Safari Zone
Region: Johto
Connecting locations: ↓ - Johto Route 48
Weather: Normal
Kind: Normal
Needed HM: None
Location of johto Safari Zone in Johto
Location of Johto Safari Zone in Johto.

The Johto Safari Zone is a large expanse of land located to north of Cianwood City through Route 48's Cliff Cave. It is owned by Baoba, and is situated after the Safari Zone Gate. This zone cannot be found in Pokémon Gold and Silver or Pokémon Crystal. It is exclusive to its remakes, Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. This Safari Zone presents unique features such as customizing areas and object arrangement, each influencing what type of Pokémon you encounter.


The Johto Safari Zone is comprised of twelve separate areas, all of which can be customised by Baoba's Area Customiser. The areas available are as follows:

  • Plains
  • Swamp
  • Meadow
  • Wetland
  • Peak
  • Forest
  • Wasteland
  • Savannah
  • Mountain
  • Marshland
  • Desert
  • Rocky Beach


To enable the customization of the Safari Zone areas, you must first complete the 2 tests that the warden will ask of you. The first task he will give you is to show him a geodude that you caught in the safari zone. In a day or so he will call you on the PokéGear to tell you that you can then start moving areas around in the safari zone. This feature allows you manage your limited "time" int eh safari zone by positioning the area you need for a particular pokemon closer to the entrance. The second task will be to bring the warden a Sandshrew thatyou cought in the safari zone. Upon the completion of the second task the warden will allow you to start to bring certain objects into the safari zone. These objects (listed below)can only be used in the safari zone and may be placed anywhere simply by pressing A while in the safari zone. The purpose of these objects is to lure out rarer Pokémon so that they are easier to get. Also placing certain items in the right Zones can increase the levels of Pokémon found there. To check whether the placed items have had an effect on an area, simply check the customization computer located in the lobby.

Customization items

Item Name Size Terrain Most effective when placed on
Shrubbery 1x1 Land Plains
Red Flower 1x1 Land Plains
White Flower 1x1 Land Plains
Tree 2x2 Land Forests
Stump 2x2 Land Forests
Branches 1x1 Land Forests
Small Rock 1x1 Land Peak
Big Rock 2x2 Land Peak
Mossy Rock 2x2 Land Peak
Puddle 2x2 Land Water
Fountain 2x2 Example Water
Water Hole 2x2 Land Water
Bench 2x1 Land Other
Short Fence 1 1x1 Land Other
Short Fence 2 1x1 Land Other
Long Fence 1 2x1 Land Other
Long Fence 2 1x2 Land Other
Signboard 1x1 Land Other
Your Statue 1x1 Land Other
Your Flag 1x1 Land Other
Outside Lamp 1x1 Land Other
Guidepost (right) 1x1 Land Other
Guidepost (left) 1x1 Land Other
Trash Can 1x1 Land Other

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