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There is a total of 49 Pokémon in this Egg Group.

36 are purely in this group.
13 are partly in this group.


As the name suggests, Pokémon in this group share many human characteristics and have a human-like shape. Pokémon in this egg group are all able to stand on their hind legs and are able to freely use their hands.



# Pokémon Type
063 063.png Abra Type Psychic.gif
064 064.png Kadabra Type Psychic.gif
065 065.png Alakazam Type Psychic.gif
066 066.png Machop Type Fighting.gif
067 067.png Machoke Type Fighting.gif
068 068.png Machamp Type Fighting.gif
096 096.png Drowzee Type Psychic.gif
097 097.png Hypno Type Psychic.gif
106 106.png Hitmonlee Type Fighting.gif
107 107.png Hitmonchan Type Fighting.gif
122 122.png Mr. Mime Type Psychic.gif
124 124.png Jynx Type Ice.gifType Psychic.gif
125 125.png Electabuzz Type Electric.gif
126 126.png Magmar Type Fire.gif
237 237.png Hitmontop Type Fighting.gif
296 296.png Makuhita Type Fighting.gif
297 297.png Hariyama Type Fighting.gif
302 302.png Sableye Type Dark.gifType Ghost.gif
307 307.png Meditite Type Fighting.gifType Psychic.gif
308 308.png Medicham Type Fighting.gifType Psychic.gif
453 453.png Croagunk Type Poison.gifType Fighting.gif
454 454.png Toxicroak Type Poison.gifType Fighting.gif
466 466.png Electivire Type Electric.gif
467 467.png Magmortar Type Fire.gif
532 532.png Timburr Type Fighting.gif
533 533.png Gurdurr Type Fighting.gif
534 534.png Conkeldurr Type Fighting.gif
538 538.png Throh Type Fighting.gif
539 539.png Sawk Type Fighting.gif
574 574.png Gothita Type Psychic.gif
575 575.png Gothorita Type Psychic.gif
576 576.png Gothitelle Type Psychic.gif
605 605.png Elgyem Type Psychic.gif
606 606.png Beheeyem Type Psychic.gif
624 624.png Pawniard Type Dark.gifType Steel.gif
625 625.png Bisharp Type Dark.gifType Steel.gif


# Pokémon Type Other Group
313 313.png Volbeat Type Bug.gif Bug
314 314.png Illumise Type Bug.gif Bug
327 327.png Spinda Type Normal.gif Field
331 331.png Cacnea Type Grass.gif Grass
332 332.png Cacturne Type Grass.gifType Dark.gif Grass
390 390.png Chimchar Type Fire.gif Field
391 391.png Monferno Type Fire.gifType Fighting.gif Field
392 392.png Infernape Type Fire.gifType Fighting.gif Field
427 427.png Buneary Type Normal.gif Field
428 428.png Lopunny Type Normal.gif Field
448 448.png Lucario Type Fighting.gifType Steel.gif Field
619 619.png Mienfoo Type Fighting.gif Field
620 620.png Mienshao Type Fighting.gif Field