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The Goldenrod Radio Tower is a large tower situated in Goldenrod City in Johto. Here, you can enter the Pokémon Lottery, get your Radio Card, and fight off Team Rocket after getting your 7th badge. You will receive the Rainbow Wing (Gold), Silver Wing (Silver), or Clear Bell (Crystal) here once you defeat Team Rocket. The list of radio programs are Oak's PKMN Talk, Pokémon Music, Buena's Password (Not available in Gold or Silver), & Lucky Channel.

Oak's PKMN Talk is a radio program hosted by Kanto's Professor Oak. It's main purpose was to inform trainers of the locations and very basic information of different Pokémon within the Johto region.

Pokémon Music is a program that plays music that can either Attract or Repel wild Pokémon while you have the PokéGear radio card active on this channel.

The Pokémon Lullaby, which decreases the wild encounter rate, can be heard every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday.
The Pokémon March, which Increases the wild encounter rate, can be heard on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday.

Buena's Password was a program that was added when for Crystal version's release. Players were required to visit Buena's Studio on the second floor of the Radio Tower in order to receive the Blue Card. Buena's Password aired every night between 6:00PM and Midnight and announced a unique password for that evening. Players who visited her studio and were able to choose the correct password from 3 choices were rewarded for points, which Buena added to their Blue Card.

Prizes - Cost (in Points)
  • Ultra Ball - 2
  • Full Restore - 2
  • Nugget - 3
  • Rare Candy - 3
  • Protein - 5
  • Iron - 5
  • Carbos - 5
  • Calcium - 5
  • HP Up - 5

The Lucky Channel broadcasted the days random lottery winning number.

In the HeartGold and SoulSilver versions, the Radio Channels were expanded and time slots were added because the games began to use the DS internal clock instead of relying on an internal clock in the game cartridge. The expanded list of radio channels are: The Pokémon Music Channel, Pokémon Channel, Street Corner/ Town Channel, & the Variety Channel

The Pokémon Music Channel plays the "Pokémon Lullaby" & "Pokémon March", which decrease and increase the encounter rates in the area while the radio card is active.

The Pokémon March can be heard all day every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday and its effect is to increase the number of random wild Pokémon encounters.
The Pokémon Lullaby can be heard all day every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday and its effect is to decrease the number of random wild Pokémon Encounters.

The Pokémon Channel simply broadcasts "Pokémon Talk (With Professor Oak)" all day every day.

"Pokémon Talk (with Professor Oak)" is a radio program hosted by Mary that highlights all the many different routes and areas of the Johto Region and discuss a particular Pokémon that appears on that route.

The Street Corner/ Town Channel features two programs, "Trainer Profiles" and "That Town, These People", that alternate with each other by the hour.

"Trainer Profiles" like its title suggests provides information about several of the trainers you have met throughout your travels.
"That Town, These People" is a program that provides information about the top three tourist spots in each city. New cities are added as you visit them.

The Variety Channel hosts three programs that alternate by the hour, "Pokémon Search Party", "Serial Radio Drama", & "Buena's Password".

"Pokémon Search Party" is a program that follows the travels of a young reporting team as they traverse the Johto region and highlights the Pokémon they encounter. There are a total of 6 episodes that unlock and are aired throughout the length of the main story play.
"Serial Radio Drama" airs 4 different radio dramas. As you play through the game unknown events will unlock the many episodes of each of the 4 dramas.
"The Young Pokéathlete Maximo" - 8 Episodes
An on-the-road drama - 5 Episodes
A love story - 5 Episodes
A travelogue of someone traversing the Johto/ Kanto regions - 4 episodes
Buena's Password can be heard at 2:00, 5:00, 8:00, 11:00AM/PM every day. Listen for a password that you can then exchange in the studio on the second floor of the Radio Tower for points that are added to a Blue card. Players receive the Blue Card the first time they visit Buena in the Radio tower (except during the Rocket occupation). If you have not gotten the Blue Card, you can still listen to the program, but you will not hear a password.
Prizes - Cost (in Points)
  • Poké Ball - 1
  • Full Restore - 3
  • Protein - 5
  • Iron - 10
  • Carbos - 15
  • Nugget - 20
  • Rare Candy - 25
  • HP Up - 30