Fuchsia City

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Fuchsia City
セキチクシティ Sekichiku City
Map of Fuchsia City
Happening and Passing City
Location info
Region: Kanto
Connecting routes: ←West - Route 18
→East - Route 15
↓South - Route 19
Location of Fuchsia City in Kanto.
Gym info
Name: Fuchsia Gym
Leader: Koga/Janine
Types: Type Poison.gif
Badge: Soul Badge Soulbadge.png
Pokémon Gyms

Fuchsia City is a city located in the southwest of Kanto. The Safari Zone is here with a zoo located close by. The Area's gym specializes in Poison-type Pokémon. Koga is the gym leader in Fuchsia City in the Kanto games; the Johto games see his daughter Janine take over the gym. The Move Deleter also appears here in FireRed and LeafGreen.