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ファウンス Fauns
Region: Hoenn
Debut: Jirachi: Wish Maker

Forina (ファウンス Fauns) is a location featured in Jirachi: Wish Maker, and serves as the resting place for Jirachi in its thousand year slumber.


Butler finds the Millennium Crystal in Forina.

Forina is a lush wilderness, filled with Pokémon and wildlife undisturbed by man's intervention. It is a very mountainous and rugged area, but is also accompanied with verdant greenery and trees. In a cavernous area deep underneath the ground of Forina, the Millennium Crystal which encased Jirachi lay in wait. When Butler and Diane arrived at Forina, he discovered the location of the Millennium Crystal and aimed to use the Pokémon inside of it to exact his revenge upon Team Magma by creating an artificial Groudon.

The Pseudo-Groudon emerges from within Forina.

When Butler harnessed Jirachi's true eye to absorb the power of the Millennium Comet at Forina, it began to sear an imprint of Groudon into the ground. As the pseudo-Groudon arose and began rampaging around Forina, it began to manifest huge tentacles and proceeded to consume all nearby Pokémon to harvest their energy. After Jirachi destroyed the pseudo-Groudon with its Doom Desire and returned into its slumber once more, all of Forina began to resonate with a glowing light.


Kidd Summers in Forina as shown in the credits for Lucario and the Mystery of Mew.