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There are a total of 47 Pokémon in this egg group.

  • 16 are purely in the Fairy egg group.
  • 31 are partially in the Fairy egg group.


Most of the Pokémon in this group are normal types and are usually classified as being 'cute'.



# Pokémon Type
035 035.png Clefairy Type Fairy.gif
036 036.png Clefable Type Fairy.gif
039 039.png Jigglypuff Type Normal.gifType Fairy.gif
040 040.png Wigglytuff Type Normal.gifType Fairy.gif
113 113.png Chansey Type Normal.gif
242 242.png Blissey Type Normal.gif
311 311.png Plusle Type Electric.gif
312 312.png Minun Type Electric.gif
531 531.png Audino Type Normal.gif
669 669.png Flabébé Type Fairy.gif
670 670.png Floette Type Fairy.gif
671 671.png Florges Type Fairy.gif
682 682.png Spritzee Type Fairy.gif
683 683.png Aromatisse Type Fairy.gif
684 684.png Swirlix Type Fairy.gif
685 685.png Slurpuff Type Fairy.gif


# Pokémon Type Other Group
025 025.png Pikachu Type Electric.gif Field
026 026.png Raichu Type Electric.gif Field
176 176.png Togetic Type Fairy.gifType Flying.gif Flying
183 183.png Marill Type Water.gifType Fairy.gif Water 1
184 184.png Azumarill Type Water.gifType Fairy.gif Water 1
187 187.png Hoppip Type Grass.gifType Flying.gif Grass
188 188.png Skiploom Type Grass.gifType Flying.gif Grass
189 189.png Jumpluff Type Grass.gifType Flying.gif Grass
209 209.png Snubbull Type Fairy.gif Field
210 210.png Granbull Type Fairy.gif Field
285 285.png Shroomish Type Grass.gif Grass
286 286.png Breloom Type Grass.gifType Fighting.gif Grass
300 300.png Skitty Type Normal.gif Field
301 301.png Delcatty Type Normal.gif Field
303 303.png Mawile Type Steel.gifType Fairy.gif Field
315 315.png Roselia Type Grass.gifType Poison.gif Grass
351 351.png Castform Type Normal.gif Amorphous
361 361.png Snorunt Type Ice.gif Mineral
362 362.png Glalie Type Ice.gif Mineral
407 407.png Roserade Type Grass.gifType Poison.gif Grass
417 417.png Pachirisu Type Electric.gif Field
420 420.png Cherubi Type Grass.gif Grass
421 421.png Cherrim Type Grass.gif Grass
468 468.png Togekiss Type Fairy.gifType Flying.gif Flying
478 478.png Froslass Type Ice.gifType Ghost.gif Mineral
489 489.png Phione Type Water.gif Water 1
490 490.png Manaphy Type Water.gif Water 1
546 546.png Cottonee Type Grass.gifType Fairy.gif Grass
547 547.png Whimsicott Type Grass.gifType Fairy.gif Grass
702 702.png Dedenne Type Electric.gifType Fairy.gif Field
703 703.png Carbink Type Rock.gifType Fairy.gif Mineral