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Eindoak Town
アイントオーク Eindoak
Eindoak Town.png
Region: Unova
Debut: MS014

Eindoak Town is an anime-exclusive location that appeared in Pokémon The Movie: Black - Victini & Reshiram/White - Victini & Zekrom. The People of the Vale relocated here after the energy force of their land that kept it lush and verdant, the Dragon Force, was disturbed by the ongoing war caused by the divided princes of the kingdom.


The landscape of the town is lush and bares much fruit. The town itself is fairly modern and several pillars are located around the town which act as protection and keep Victini trapped within a short distance of the castle.


Long before the town's time, the People of the Vale were divided by an ongoing war caused by the two princes of the kingdom who represented two different philosophies. The war caused much disturbance in the Dragon Force, causing the land to grow barren. In order to quell its wrath, the Sword of Vale was moved by the King of the People of the Vale to a mountain at the cost of his life and the imprisonment of Victini. The land below the Sword flourished and soon a town grew under the Sword and became known as Eindoak Town.

In the anime

Ash, Iris and Cilan journeyed here to take part in the Eindoak Harvest Festival tournament. On their way to the town, a pair of Deerling are startled by Victini and nearly fall down the cliff. Ash saves them with Victini's help but is cut off from the others. Left with no other choice, he goes into a cave with the Deerling. The cave eventually exits into a warehouse inside Eindoak. Ash and friends are soon reunited and with the help of Damon, they reach the outside to take part in the tournament.

Later on, Damon puts into motion his plan to restore the Kingdom of the Vale to its former glory by rising the Sword of the Vale from its resting place and using it to restore the plants of its old resting place. With the support of Zekrom/Reshiram, he succeeds. But soon, the Dragon Force grows out of control and begins to sap the life out of nearby flora.

Ash and his dragon appear and battle Damon's dragon. Damon's dragon is defeated and sees for itself the destruction the plan is causing. Damon soon finds out also and full of remorse, helps Ash, the dragons, and Juanita's Golurk restore the Sword to the mountain. The order is restored and the Sword of the Vale remains in its new resting place near the sea, away from Eindoak.

In the games

As part of the release of the movie in which it is seen, a location in the Dream World was released that allowed players to visit the Sword of the Vale, a street in Eindoak Town that played a trailer and receive a Victini Doll for their home. When players also tucked in their special Zekrom or Reshiram, they could visit a location on the Island of Dreams where Vicitni could be encountered. This in turn would unlock a C-Gear skin that corresponds to the dragon that was tucked in.



Eindoak Town is based on a town in France and the Sword of the Vale is based on a commune in France, Mont Saint-Michel.