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Drill Run
ドリルライナー Drill Liner
BW Prerelease Mogurew battle.png
General Information
Type: Type Ground.gif
Generation: V
Battle Data
Category Physical
Power: 80*
Accuracy: 95%
PP: 10*
Effects: Selected target
Secondary Effect: None
Priority: 0
Contact: Yes
Affected by
Magic Coat: No
Bright Powder: Yes
Protect/Detect: Yes
Snatch: No
King's Rock: Yes

Drill Run is a move to be learned by Drilbur and Excadrill in the games Pokemon Black and White (Generation V). Drill Run is a Ground-type move that has a high critical hit ratio.


Generation V

By Leveling Up

By Leveling Up
Pokémon Type Level
Fearow Normal/Flying 53
Rhyhorn Ground/Rock 45
Rhydon Ground/Rock 47
Rhyperior Ground/Rock 47
Drilbur Ground 43
Excadrill Ground/Steel 55
* Bold indicates a Pokémon which receives STAB from this move

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