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There is a total of 27 Pokémon in this egg group.

6 are purely Dragon group
30 are partly Dragon group


All the Pokémon in this group are either dragons, serpents, reptiles or lizards, spare a few. The few that don't look dragon-like evolve into something that does and many can learn Draco Meteor.



# Pokémon Type
371 371.png Bagon Type Dragon.gif
372 372.png Shelgon Type Dragon.gif
373 373.png Salamence Type Dragon.gifType Flying.gif
633 633.png Deino Type Dark.gifType Dragon.gif
634 634.png Zweilous Type Dark.gifType Dragon.gif
635 635.png Hydreigon Type Dark.gifType Dragon.gif


# Pokémon Type Other Group
004 004.png Charmander Type Fire.gif Monster
005 005.png Charmeleon Type Fire.gif Monster
006 006.png Charizard Type Fire.gifType Flying.gif Monster
023 023.png Ekans Type Poison.gif Field
024 024.png Arbok Type Poison.gif Field
116 116.png Horsea Type Water.gif Water 1
117 117.png Seadra Type Water.gif Water 1
129 129.png Magikarp Type Water.gif Water 2
130 130.png Gyarados Type Water.gifType Flying.gif Water 2
147 147.png Dratini Type Dragon.gif Water 1
148 148.png Dragonair Type Dragon.gif Water 1
149 149.png Dragonite Type Dragon.gifType Flying.gif Water 1
230 230.png Kingdra Type Water.gifType Dragon.gif Water 1
252 252.png Treecko Type Grass.gif Monster
253 253.png Grovyle Type Grass.gif Monster
254 254.png Sceptile Type Grass.gif Monster
333 333.png Swablu Type Normal.gifType Flying.gif Flying
334 334.png Altaria Type Dragon.gifType Flying.gif Flying
336 336.png Seviper Type Poison.gif Field
349 349.png Feebas Type Water.gif Water 1
350 350.png Milotic Type Water.gif Water 1
443 443.png Gible Type Dragon.gifType Ground.gif Monster
444 444.png Gabite Type Dragon.gifType Ground.gif Monster
445 445.png Garchomp Type Dragon.gifType Ground.gif Monster
559 559.png Scraggy Type Dark.gifType Fighting.gif Field
560 560.png Scrafty Type Dark.gifType Fighting.gif Field
610 610.png Axew Type Dragon.gif Monster
611 611.png Fraxure Type Dragon.gif Monster
612 612.png Haxorus Type Dragon.gif Monster
621 621.png Druddigon Type Dragon.gif Monster


  • Almost all of the Pokémon in this egg group belong to another egg group.