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A Double Performance is a pokemon contest where a coordinator uses two Pokémon in the appeals round, and the battle round is a Double Battle, it was first introduced in A Stand-Up Sit-Down by Zoey, and it first appeared in Dawn's Early Night. Zoey also says that the Sinnoh Grand Festival will have a Double Performance.

Many fans also hope that the next Double Performance contest would appear in future episodes


Appeals round

The appeals round is the round of a Pokémon Contest Double Performance in which Coordinators have two Pokémon use various moves to impress the judges and crowd.

In any regions Pokémon Super Contest, the appeals round in a Double Performance are the second of the two rounds, after the visual round.

Each move can either

  1. Add hearts to the user's score (appeal points)
  2. Subtract hearts from others (jam points).

Various methods can increase and decrease the amount of appeal and jam points, including several move combinations.

Double Battle round

The double battle round is the round in a Pokémon Contest Double Performance. The purpose of the round is to have the Pokémon battle each other while still making their moves look beautiful. Each round is five minutes long, except for Sudden Death, which has no time limit.


Each contestant begins with a fixed number of points.

These points are lost when

  1. An opponent's move hits their Pokémon,
  2. Their move misses or doesn't look beautiful
  3. The contestant is issued a yellow card.

Additionally, contestants can be disqualified upon

  1. Being found cheating or issued a second yellow card
  2. Presumably being issued a red card


A winner in the double battle round is determined by one or all of three criteria;

  1. Whoever has more points when time runs out or loses all their points first
  2. If two of the Pokémon of one team faints

If there is a tie upon time running out, the double battle goes into Sudden Death.

Sudden Death

Sudden Death is an extension of the double battle if there is a tie at the end of five minutes.

There is no time limit in Sudden Death. The round ends when one person runs out of points.